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Practical performance comparison of three-point and four-point electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-17

Comparison of applicable functions of three-pivot and four-pivot electric forklifts Comparison of applicable functions of three-pivot and four-pivot electric forklifts 1. Stability The stability of four-pivot electric forklifts is better than that of three-pivot electric forklifts, but the two types of other forklifts are at the factory Strict stability practices must be implemented. my country's related forklift standards are delineated. Forklifts must implement four stability practices on the tipping practice platform, including: the longitudinal stability of the forklift when fully loaded and stacked, the longitudinal stability when fully loaded, and the lateral stability when fully loaded. Performance, lateral stability when driving with no load. In the practice of the stability of three-point and four-point forklifts, the stability of the tipping angle and the data conditions are exactly the same, so the safety of the use of the three-point forklift may be guaranteed.

2. Turning angle In view of the structural cause, the four-point electric forklift can't turn on the spot, so the turning radius is large, and the passageway required for operation in the roadway is relatively wide. In contrast, the three-point electric forklift may complete 90° in-situ steering, making indoor operations easier and more flexible.

Take the 1.5-ton electric forklift as an example. The turning radius of the three-point electric forklift is 1493mm, which is 357mm smaller than the 1850 of the four-point electric pallet truck. The difference in the pallet size of the left certificate is the stack of the 1.5-ton three-point electric forklift. The stacking channel conditions are 3000-3300mm, and the stacking channel of the four-point electric forklift is 3600-3700mm. It can be seen that the channel conditions of the three-point electric forklift are greatly reduced, saving storage space; when working in the warehouse, due to the flexible steering, the driver does not need to use more energy to escape the shelf, the operation is less laborious, and the work intensity is reduced.

3. Purchase price Three-pivot electric forklifts are exquisite and compact in design, usually with European standard batteries, which is relatively expensive; at the same time, three-pivot electric forklifts require 90° steering to use the spreading bearings that may support the rear wheel spreading, so The cost of the whole vehicle is higher. Four-point electric forklifts are less expensive than three-point forklifts due to their mature supporting facilities. Therefore, the price of three-point electric forklifts of the same tonnage is higher than that of four-point electric forklifts.

4. Use of space Three-point electric forklifts can save nearly 30% of storage space compared to four-point electric forklifts. Internationally, the proportion of three-point forklifts in 1-1.5 ton electric forklifts is greater than that of four-point electric forklifts. In the past two years, domestic users have gradually realized the strengths of the three-point forklift, and the use ratio has increased year by year.

5. When carrying heavy loads, users who use forklift trucks should first choose three-point electric forklifts when moving goods less than 2 tons in the warehouse; when transporting goods greater than 2 tons, due to limited stability, The four-point electric forklift can be selected at discretion.

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