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Precautions for oil maintenance of diesel engine forklifts in winter

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-09
A blizzard in winter brought the temperature to below freezing in an instant. As the temperature breaks below 0 degrees Celsius, it is time for the diesel engine to be filled with winter oil. So what measures and key points should be taken when using oil for diesel engines in winter? Let's listen to the editors of electric pallet truck manufacturers one by one.  Methods u0026 Steps  Select the oil viscosity according to the working environment temperature  Diesel engine oil is classified according to two different classification methods of different viscosity grades (low temperature viscosity grade and high temperature viscosity grade) and oil quality grade. The viscosity grade adopts the rating standard of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The oil quality grade uses the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating standards. The domestic market generally uses viscosity grades to distinguish.  The viscosity grade is generally marked by the working temperature range that the oil can adapt to. For example: SAE40, SAE50 engine oils with this label indicate summer engine oils with a suitable temperature of 40°C, which can only be used in summer and cannot be used in winter; while SAE15W-40, SAE5W-40, engine oils with this label indicate general-purpose engine oils. The engine oil can be used normally at an ambient temperature of minus 30°C to 40°C. The 'W' in the oil label means winter. The smaller the number in front of it, the better the low-temperature fluidity of the oil, the lower the ambient temperature that can be used, and the better the protection of the engine during cold start; The number behind 'W' (behind a horizontal line) is an indicator of the high temperature resistance of the engine oil. The larger the value, the better the protection performance of the engine oil at high temperatures. Choosing a suitable oil viscosity has a direct impact on the working performance of the engine, which is mainly reflected in the following two points:    (1) Although the oil with high viscosity has strong adhesion, the high viscosity will increase the internal load of the engine and cause the engine to be relatively slow. Large internal power loss. (2) Although the low viscosity oil can reduce the wear and friction of moving parts and improve the self-cleaning ability of the engine, due to the low viscosity of the oil, even if the oil reaches the working temperature, the oil pressure is too low due to the oil being too thin, or even Failure to reach the working pressure will result in insufficient lubrication and aggravate the wear of the engine. It is very likely that the engine will pull the cylinder and hold the bushings, causing damage.   Here is an example to explain how to choose the right winter motor oil. For colder areas such as Beijing, you can add the commonly used 15W-40 general-purpose engine oil (used when the ambient temperature is minus 15-40 degrees); for northeast my country and other high-cold areas, you need to consider replacing the label when it enters winter Higher engine oil, such as: 10W-30 engine oil (used when the ambient temperature is minus 10 degrees to 30 degrees), or higher engine oil; and for warmer areas in the south, it can be considered according to local actual conditions Whether it is necessary to replace the oil with a different label.  Select the oil quality according to the engine grade  At this stage, Chinese construction machinery manufacturers mostly use four-stroke turbocharged direct-injection engines to assemble on their own equipment, and the emission standards only reach the second stage emissions (ie Tier-2). For models equipped with this type of engine, CF-4 grade oil can be used to ensure normal use. For diesel engine oils used in construction machinery, such as CF-4 grade engine oils, C represents the special engine oil for diesel engines; F represents the quality level, and each letter increments the performance of the engine oil better than the previous one, the lower the letter , The higher the quality level; '-4' represents the engine oil performance improvement level, in the same level of engine oil, the larger the number, the better the quality. For imported models, when choosing oil, you need to choose according to their engine oil supply mode: direct injection supercharged engine can choose CF-4 grade oil; EFI supercharged engine needs to choose CH-4 grade or higher Grade of engine oil to ensure the normal operation of the engine.   In addition, the filling port and the oil drum must be cleaned before adding oil to prevent impurities from entering the engine body. After filling the engine oil, we need to wipe clean the spilled engine oil to keep the engine in a good working environment. These are the details that everyone needs to pay attention to when carrying out daily maintenance on the engine. Above we briefly introduced the part about engine oil in winter maintenance of the engine. In the cold winter, if we can carry out good maintenance and maintenance of the machine, whether it is during winter construction work or long-term parking during winter break, we will do it. Know well, rest assured to spend the winter. In the future, we will continue to introduce other precautions for forklift maintenance in winter, so stay tuned.
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