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Precautions for US battery maintenance-electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-04

What are the precautions for US battery maintenance? The electric pallet truck manufacturer announces for you:

1. The new battery should be fully charged before use.

2. The new battery needs to be charged and discharged several times to reach the maximum capacity (about 50-125 charge and discharge, depending on the battery type). During this period, the battery capacity has not yet reached the optimal state.

3. The battery wiring should be intact and tightly connected with the wire connector. Always use insulated tools to avoid short-circuiting when touching the battery terminals. It is recommended to use the regular inspection plan for effective inspection.

4. If the battery is applied to the vehicle or during charging, the vent lock cover (battery cover) should be installed and locked correctly.

5. The battery should always be stored in a clean, free of dust and corrosion.

6. If the battery needs to be filled with electrolyte, it should be done after charging. If the electrolyte level is lower than the separator before charging, the electrolyte must be added to about 1/8' higher than the separator before charging. After charging, check the electrolyte level and keep it at the bottom of the battery cover about 1/4'.

7. The liquid used to replenish the battery should be pure distilled water. Special attention should be paid to avoid metal impurities mixed in distilled water.

8. To achieve the best battery life, the discharge should not be below 80% of its rated capacity. Using batteries of appropriate capacity can help avoid over-discharge.

9. The charging time with the correct charger and battery is normally about eight hours. Chargers that do not meet the specifications will seriously damage or reduce battery life.

10. The temperature during charging cannot be higher than 120˚ F or above.

11. Deep cycle batteries need to be periodically balanced. Balancing treatment refers to charging at low current for a period of time after standard charging. This additional charge helps to maintain the balance of the capacity of each independent battery pack in the battery. It is recommended to balance the batteries once a month for frequently used batteries. Generally, the manual charger can extend the charge for about 3 hours after the normal charge. The automatic charger can be unplugged and reconnected after each charge to achieve a balance treatment effect.

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