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Procedures for obtaining a license for electric stacker trucks? Should annual inspections be carried out like motor vehicles?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-25
The electric stacker is a kind of storage equipment that is reused in modern logistics with battery power as the energy source and the motor as the power source. The main function of the electric stacker is generally used in warehouses, workshops and other places where logistics is required. It can be used with pallets to electric pallet lift truck heavy objects to the required height, and finally achieve the purpose of stacking goods. As we all know, general motor vehicles require annual inspection. Whether it is a car or a fork, an annual inspection is required, and an electric stacker is a special industrial equipment. Annual vehicle inspection refers to a test that is required for every vehicle that has obtained an official license plate and driving license, which is equivalent to a physical examination of the vehicle in accordance with the 'Technical Conditions for Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation' once a year to eliminate vehicle safety hazards in a timely manner and supervise Strengthening the maintenance of cars and reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents is what we usually call inspections. Since electric pallet truck trucks are industrial equipment, do they need to be licensed and inspected the same as ordinary diesel forklifts or battery forklifts? The official article given by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine is: National Quality Inspection Special [2010] No. 22 'About Supplements The notice of the special equipment catalog 'According to the 'Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations' (State Council Order No. 549) and approved by the State Council, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has formulated the 'Additional Special Equipment Catalog': in the original 'Special Equipment Catalog' Internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts, battery counterbalanced forks, internal combustion side forklifts, plunger forklifts, reach forklifts, three-way stackers, pallet stackers, and explosion-proof forklifts' are adjusted to 'forklifts' in this supplementary catalog. The official documents show that: all-electric stackers, counterbalanced battery forklifts, diesel forklifts, reach-type forklifts, reach-type stackers and other equipment that are lifted and driven by mechanical power are required to undergo annual inspections. However, all-electric pallets, semi-electric pallets, manual pallets, semi-electric stackers, manual hydraulic stackers and other equipment are more maneuverable than maneuverable in operation, so there is no need for a licensed annual inspection at present! Let's take a look, what process is required for obtaining a license for a general electric lithium pallet truck? Contact the local special equipment inspection institute, the other party will arrange an inspector to go to your company to inspect the lithium pallet truck. During the inspection, ensure that the lithium pallet truck functions are normal and have a factory certificate. After the test, the other party will tell you when to get the report. If it is the first time to apply for a license, you need to get a registration form when you get the report and go to the local quality inspection bureau to register. The registration fee is generally 20 yuan. Then you can get the test report and license plate in the test. If a vehicle fails to pass the inspection and re-inspection is rectified, it depends on what your company does. Of course, if your electric stacker is only used inside the warehouse in the factory (not in the factory area), there is no need to apply for a license to pay taxes. There is no vehicle and vessel usage tax, and there are no other taxes to be paid. This is also a small cost saving. It can be seen that the electric stacker is a device that provides mechanical power for lifting and driving. Therefore, the electric stacker requires an annual inspection. This also reminds customers who use electric forklifts that for the safety of electric forklifts and to reduce unnecessary accidents due to mechanical failures, companies still have to conduct annual inspections on the electric forklifts produced by the company on a regular basis.
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