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Product sales of elevators

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-14
In order to ensure that when the hydraulic system or pipelines of the lithium pallet truck platform are suddenly damaged due to accidents, the workbench will not cause sudden boom drop or workbench overturning, which endangers the safety of personnel and equipment. For such a situation, we have carried out special treatment. Our latest batch of lifting platforms has increased safety management for such situations.   Telescopic balance circuit In the telescopic system, we have also taken measures, mainly using the balance circuit in the hydraulic circuit. We have added a superimposed hydraulic control check valve in the hydraulic circuit of the upper leveling cylinder where the elevator support workbench is kept level. In this way, during the working process, only when the upper leveling cylinder has a rod cavity and there is oil pressure, can the check valve at the outlet of the rodless cavity of the cylinder be opened so that the oil in the rodless cavity can be discharged. At this time, the upper leveling cylinder can retract and the workbench can Swing down.   Although the company's elevator product sales fluctuated due to the impact of the external economic environment during this period, all employees of the company are confident that the plan formulated in the fourth quarter can be completed. Recently, there have been many accidents caused by elevators in the society, resulting in serious economic losses. Such incidents are always warning us, as well as warning the entire hydraulic lifting equipment manufacturing industry. Don’t forget your responsibilities and Obligation, product quality must always be the first priority, otherwise it will bring unpredictable losses to customers.
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