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Protection of electric forklift battery

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-28

1. After the battery of the battery lithium pallet truck is discharged, it should be charged immediately, and the storage time shall not exceed 24 hours.

2. The battery of the battery forklift should be prevented from overcharging as much as possible, the battery lithium pallet truck is over-discharged, and the battery protection is boring.

5. When the electrolyte density (30℃) does not reach 1.28±0.01g/cm3 at the beginning of discharge, mediation should be started. Mediation method: if the density is low, a partial electrolyte should be taken out, After injecting, set up equipment and arrange a sulfuric acid solution with a density not greater than 1.400g/cm; if the density is high, you can take out a partial electrolyte and inject distilled water to adjust it.

6. The height of the electrolyte level should exceed 15~20 sister across the protective net.

7. There should be excellent ventilation conditions in the charging room, and it is strictly forbidden to cook to avoid accidents.

8. During the battery use process, if the voltage of each single battery in the battery pack is uneven, and the use is not too frequent, balance charging should be started every month.

What are the effects of the advance and delay of forklift engine ignition on the engine?
1) Ignition advance has a great impact on the engine, which is manifested in the following points: 1. The ignition advance is small, which can directly affect the engine power. Generally, it is manifested in the situation of insufficient power, weak climbing of the forklift, slow lifting speed, etc. 2. The ignition advance is large, which has a greater adverse effect on the engine, which are shown as follows: (1) The fuel consumption rate becomes larger, which is very fuel-intensive; (2) If it is too advanced, when the engine piston moves to the top dead center, The combustion in the cylinder has begun to exert downward air pressure on the piston of the engine, resulting in a reduction in the efficiency of the work done by the piston. After a long time, the phenomenon of cylinder knocking may occur. Long-term use will cause serious damage to the engine and affect the life of the engine. 2) Ignition delay: For the engine, the power output is slow, which is manifested in the lack of power, but the damage to the engine itself is relatively small.
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