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by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-07
Logistics is now in full swing in the country, and the purchase of logistics equipment and logistics solutions have become two hot spots in the logistics industry. With the implementation of more and more logistics parks, logistics distribution centers, logistics warehouses and other logistics solutions, how to choose a cost-effective logistics equipment is a practical issue to be considered at the moment. Today, electric pallet truck manufacturers write this article, hoping to give customers in the logistics industry a little reference in choosing stackers. Stacker, let’s first look at the concept of the industry, which refers to various wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. It belongs to industrial vehicles and is a high-bay warehouse. One of the necessary equipment for palletized logistics sites. There are many names in the industry, such as stackers, stackers, electric pallet lift truck trucks, loading and unloading trucks, and stackers. According to different powers, they can be divided into manual stackers, electric stackers, and electric stackers in China. Two types of forklifts are better sold in the industry, namely, semi-electric stackers and fully electric stackers, and the other is a large forklift, which means that the power of the internal combustion forklift is replaced by battery power, which is an electric forklift. This kind of lithium pallet truck is compared to ours today. In terms of these, it is a medium-sized electric stacker. The manual stacker, semi-electric stacker, and all-electric stacker we are talking about today are all small stackers. The steel model of the mast of the manual stacker The selection of the steel of the mast of the manual stacker is directly related to the load. Load 1T is generally No. 10 I-beam, 1.5T is generally No. 12 I-beam, 2T is generally No. 12 I-beam or No. 14 I-beam, 2.5T is generally No. 14 I-beam, and 3T is generally No. 16 For I-beam, 4T is generally No. 18 I-beam, and 5T is generally No. 20 I-beam. The cylinder configuration of the manual stacker is generally a single cylinder design for elevations above 2.5M or 2.5M. The mast configuration of the manual stacker is generally raised below 2.5M, which is basically a single-cylinder design; 2.5M or more is a double mast design. The lifting cylinder of the all-electric stacker is generally a single cylinder that is raised by 1.6M, that is, the lifting frame has only one cylinder to support the fork lifting work; the electric stacker with a electric pallet lift truck height greater than 1.6M is generally a double cylinder, that is One lifting cylinder on the left and right of the fork. The mast configuration of the all-electric stacker The mast of the all-electric stacker is generally higher than 1.6M. The mast of the electric stacker is a double-door frame, but the electric stacker with a height of 1.6M is a single-door frame design. Battery pool configuration for all-electric stacker trucks. Generally, the 1.6M battery configuration for all-electric stacker trucks is 100AH; the 2M-4M battery configuration is 115AH. Models, namely CTD1.0T*1.6M, CTD1.5T*1.6M, the rest are the Japanese 'Unification' brand battery 115AH configuration, strong power. Need to pay attention to the low height of the fork, the load, the increase, these are not too much to say, and you will generally notice. Today, I said some problems that customers generally did not notice. The working space of the lithium pallet truck should be compatible with the various parameters of the lithium pallet truck, such as turning radius and working radius; in fact, the turning radius should also be taken into account. These are issues that customers often overlook, and they are also recommended by sales personnel in the industry. There is a problem that will not be ignored when stacking trucks; there is also that customers should pay attention to whether the stacking trucks are easy to maintain and repair when purchasing. Generally, companies do not have professional maintenance and repair personnel, the easier it is to repair and maintain, and its cost-effectiveness Just higher.
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