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Regular inspection and maintenance of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-10

In addition to the inspection and employment after each use, in order to ensure the life and function of the machine, it is also necessary to carry out regular inspection and recuperation.

1. When the electric stacker is operating abnormally:

a. When you encounter an abnormality, please discuss with your supervisor or technical staff, and do not implement repairs yourself. To protect the safety of man and machine.

b. For more focused care or asylum items, please hand it over to skilled employees or trained dedicated employees, and implement dedicated lithium pallet truck maintenance.

2. Rehabilitation

Daily reconditioning: should be carried out once a day, the main text is to keep the car body orally clean, orally clean the battery, check whether the power cord is firm, and the chain tightness is normal .

Level 1 recuperation: implemented once a week. In addition to the daily recuperation text, the body of the recuperation should focus on checking whether the employment situation of each component is normal, whether the fasteners are loose, whether the chain tension is suitable, and the chain joints are entangled Can the pins be bent and twisted, can the left and right movement of the inner and outer masts be normal, can the hydraulic joints leak oil, can the machinery department have abnormal wear, and the electrical department can have abnormal temperature rise and sparks, etc., if there are abnormal signs, please Real-time mediation and elimination.

Secondary care: It should be implemented as scheduled, and all inspections of the vehicle should be implemented according to the conditions.

The above is just some general understanding. The overall employment is still to be tuned to your own situation. At the same time, once anomalies occur, they must be dealt with in real time without delay. At the same time, repair the dedicated repair unit, etc., and do not impulsively repair it yourself when you are not very focused.

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