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Routine maintenance of electric hydraulic trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-28

Just after the Spring Festival, the weather is gradually getting warmer. As the temperature rises, the engineering industry and warehousing work have also begun to enter the preparation period. There is no doubt that electro-hydraulic trucks will usher in a stage of widespread use. During this period, it is necessary to carry out an inspection and maintenance of storage equipment such as pallet trucks. Today we will teach you how to perform daily maintenance on pallet trucks.

First check the appearance of the electric hydraulic truck body. Whether there are obvious cracks, crack welding, deformation, scratches on the appearance of the car body, check whether the positioning pins, connecting bolts, nuts, cotter pins, etc. are missing, loose, deformed, invalid or poorly functioning. Check the signs and car numbers for completeness and clarity. Tip Don't ignore local rust and blistering.

After checking the appearance, it is necessary to check whether the lighting and horn instruments of the electric hydraulic truck can work normally. When getting on the vehicle for the test, check whether the seat is damaged or poorly fixed, and then check whether the fire extinguisher fails and check for missing items. Test whether the horn button is badly fixed or damaged, and whether the sound is clear and loud enough. Then check if there is any poor contact such as no steering, brake lights and lights.

Next is the inspection of the battery of the electric hydraulic truck mentioned. Check whether there are impurities on the surface of the battery, whether the cork is normal, whether the vent hole is blocked, whether the pile head is oxidized, rusted, ablated, or loose; whether the connecting wire is loose; whether the battery box is corroded. The density, voltage and liquid level of the battery electrolyte should be checked for compliance with regulations, whether there is cracking, leakage and overflow; whether the capacity is sufficient, and whether there is a short circuit inside the battery.

The inspection of the hydraulic system of the electric hydraulic pallet truck is also essential. Check whether the vent hole of the fuel tank is not smooth; whether the pipeline and joint are damaged or leaked. Check the electric pallet lift truck and tilt cylinder plunger rod for scratches, grooves, cracks or bending deformation. Check whether the forward tilt has no throttle valve or whether the throttle valve fails, and whether the safety valve is normal.

The situation of the electric hydraulic truck engine cannot be ignored. Check whether the tightness of the pipes, joints and belts exceeds the standard. Whether there is a sharp increase in the speed, self-stop, and the oil level rises. Whether the charge controller is damaged or the engine water tank cover is seriously deformed or poorly fixed.

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