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Rules for the safe use of scissor aerial work platform equipment

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-27
Because of its scissor mechanical structure, the scissor-type aerial platform stacker greatly improves the stability of lifting. It also has a large working platform and high load-bearing ability, so that it has a wider range of applications in aerial work and is suitable for multi-person operations. . With the development of science and technology, its application has become more and more widespread. Construction, civil engineering, and even people’s daily lives are inseparable from scissor-type aerial work platforms. Then the more equipment used for aerial work, the more we must pay attention to them. There are also many unsafe elements in the application, which requires us to learn some knowledge to eradicate or reduce these incidents. 1. Requirements for operating personnel: It is necessary for personnel using scissor aerial work platforms to wear full-body safety belts. During the lifting process, the electric pallet lift truck truck attaches the seat belt to the channel, the basket or the attachment point made by the manufacturer. When the scissor-type aerial platform stacker is raised to the working height, the safety belt is no longer tied to the scissor-type aerial platform stacker, and should be tied to other structurally reliable hanging points. If there is no secure hanging point, wire ropes should be used Hung on the steel beam or concrete beam, and fasten the safety belt to the wire rope loop. 2. In terms of machine operation and maintenance: (1) The lifting organization is made of high-strength manganese steel huge pipes. Equipped with a safety maintenance device to avoid overloading of the lithium pallet truck platform. Equipped with a safety maintenance valve to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from breaking. Equipped with emergency lowering device in case of power outage. This product is suitable for mobile high-altitude operations such as high-altitude equipment installations and maintenance in various industries. (2) The traveling method is hydraulic drive, and the built-in traveling reducer integrated with imported motor and reducer is directly selected. It is equipped with two speeds of fast and slow speed to meet the requirements of vehicles traveling in different environments. When running on a ramp, the walking organization has a self-braking function, and a gathering and dispersing device is also provided to facilitate towing when there is a problem. The steering organization uses a linkage steering organization driven by a hydraulic cylinder.
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