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Teach you how to choose electric forklifts, electric stackers, electric pallet trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-12
First of all, we must pay attention to the operating environment. If the goods that need to be shipped or the warehouse environment has environmental protection requirements such as noise or exhaust emissions, consideration should be given to the choice of forklift model and forklift configuration. If it is in a cold storage or in an environment with explosion-proof requirements, the configuration of the forklift should also be cold storage or explosion-proof. Carefully examine the locations that the forklift needs to pass during operation, and imagine possible questions that need to be answered, such as whether the door height affects the forklift when entering and exiting the warehouse; the impact of elevator height and load on the forklift when entering and exiting the elevator; when working upstairs , Whether the floor load meets the response requirements, and so on. zy12 Secondly, we have to look at the homework requirements. The operation requirements of forklifts include general requirements such as pallet or cargo specification, height of promotion, width of working channel, gradeability, etc. At the same time, operation efficiency (different models have different efficiency), operation habits (such as habitual driving or standing driving), etc. Requirements. Again, it depends on the ability to work. The basic operation functions of forklifts are divided into horizontal palletizing, stacking/picking, loading/moving, and picking. According to the operational functions that the enterprise wants to achieve, it can be preliminarily determined from the models introduced above. In addition, special operating functions will affect the specific configuration of the forklift, such as paper rolls, molten iron, etc., which require the forklift to install attachments to complete the special functions.   Purchasing electric forklifts is the same as buying other products in our daily lives. We remind customers to consider three major issues when purchasing electric forklifts.  First: Quality is the most important one.    is a kind of industrial equipment. It is one of the corporate goals to ensure the normal operation of the equipment to the greatest extent. Stoppage means loss. Therefore, product quality is the primary factor we must consider when purchasing forklifts. High-quality electric forklifts can improve the efficiency of the normal operation of the enterprise. If the products are inferior electric forklifts, the products will have problems every three days, which will be a headache for the enterprise. Second: After-sales and maintenance of electric forklift products must have good after-sales and maintenance. It is best to choose a powerful electric pallet truck brand with local service outlets. In this way, after-sales and maintenance will be more convenient and faster, and at the same time It also saves a lot of unnecessary trouble, especially for ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises, without professional maintenance personnel, if there is no professional after-sales and maintenance, once the forklift fails, it will not be solved in time, it will be given to the enterprise Cause unnecessary losses. If you choose an electric forklift company that has a local service network, you can save these unnecessary troubles, and you can contact their maintenance personnel with a phone call. Therefore, after-sales and maintenance are also one of the important factors worthy of your consideration when choosing electric forklift products. Third: Product price When buying something, the price of a product may be one of the important factors that influence our decision. The same is true for buying electric forklift products. Different products and different quality products have different prices. I think many people understand. Who They all like high-quality and low-cost products. They are good in quality and product quality. They are cheap and cost-effective, and they are excellent value for money. When purchasing a forklift, we can comprehensively compare the cost-effectiveness of the product, and we cannot pursue cheap prices. Many companies have a certain misunderstanding when choosing a brand: they believe that the quality of imported brand forklifts is similar, and the price should be similar.  To sum up, when choosing a forklift, we must choose an electric forklift that suits us. The product quality is excellent, and the product with perfect after-sales maintenance is your first choice.
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