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Teach you how to properly maintain and inspect your electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-12
The daily inspection of electric forklifts is basically the same as that of internal combustion forklifts. In addition, what else is there? The following is an analysis of the electric pallet truck for you:   1. Battery maintenance: When using an electric pallet truck, special attention should be paid to charging and maintaining the battery in time. Pay attention to the method when charging the battery. It is necessary to fully charge the battery without causing overcharging of the battery. When the battery is found to be insufficient, charge it as soon as possible to prevent over-discharge of the battery.  2. Terminals, wires, cover: Always check the battery terminal joints and the connection with the wires for corrosion caused by oxidation, and check whether the cover is deformed and whether there is heat.  3. Appearance: Dirty battery surface will cause leakage. Keep the battery surface clean and dry at all times. Maintenance required by electric forklifts. For the new forklifts or forklifts that have stopped working for a long time, within two weeks of starting to use, for the bearings that should be lubricated, when lubricating, use new oil to squeeze out all the old oil and lubricate it twice Above, the following points should be noted at the same time:    1. Before lubrication, the dirt on the oil cap, the oil plug and the oil nozzle should be removed to prevent the dirt from falling into the mechanism.  2. When injecting lubricant with a grease gun, it should be injected until the parts of each component are combined to extrude the lubricant.   3. Seasonal lubricants (motor oil, etc.) should be replaced in summer or winter. Maintenance of the hydraulic system: check the pipe joints, lifting cylinders, tilt cylinders, oil pumps, multi-way valves, full hydraulic steering gears, and steering cylinders of the hydraulic transmission system before and after shifts for leakage or serious oil leakage; check the working oil tank Whether the working oil inside is enough, whether the hydraulic oil is turbid and impurity; check and clean the filter screen of the oil filter installed in the working oil tank once a week.  Under normal circumstances, the oil in the working oil tank should be replaced every 1000 hours of work.   Although it sounds cumbersome, people who really love cars will find these daily maintenances to be normal. Once you get into the habit of doing the daily maintenance of the forklift, it will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble and will also protect your personal safety to the greatest extent, so why not do it.
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