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Technical Analysis of Mechanical Maintenance of Aerial Work Platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-10
Aerial platform stacker maintenance is an effective means to restore the technical performance of construction machinery, troubleshoot and eliminate hidden troubles, and extend the service life of machinery. At present, the domestic automobile maintenance industry has a considerable scale, while the construction machinery maintenance industry started relatively late, and there are still many technical problems in the maintenance. The existence of these problems leads to poor mechanical maintenance and poor equipment reliability, causing consumers to suffer losses and even major construction machinery accidents. The author makes a brief analysis of the common technical problems encountered in the maintenance work of construction machinery, in order to attract the attention of relevant personnel.   1 Failure to correctly judge and analyze faults, and blindly dismantling and dismounting are commonplace. Some maintenance personnel are not clear about the structure and principle of the construction machinery, do not analyze the cause of the fault carefully, and cannot accurately determine the fault location. They blindly dismantle the machinery with the idea of u200bu200b'approximately, almost'. As a result, not only the original fault has not been eliminated, but also Due to poor maintenance skills and craftsmanship, new problems have arisen. A Nissan Komatsu bulldozer had a malfunction of insufficient diesel engine power and mechanical failure. The maintenance personnel disassembled and disassembled the PT fuel injection pump and the fuel injector but did not find the cause of the failure. Replaced a fuel injection pump for a test, and the failure persisted. Finally, check that the fault was caused by excessive impurities and moisture in the diesel used, but this disassembly resulted in a significant decrease in the performance of the PT fuel injection pump and insufficient diesel engine power. Therefore, when a machine fails, it must be detected by testing equipment. If there is no testing equipment, it can be determined by traditional fault judgment methods and means such as 'ask, see, check, and testThe most likely part of the failure. When determining the failure of construction machinery, the 'removal method' and 'comparative method' are generally used, and proceed in the order from simple to complex, first appearance, then internal, first assembly and then parts. Do not 'regardless of indiscriminate dismantling and dismantling and dismantling.' '.   2 The phenomenon of blindly replacing parts and blindly 'repairing parts' exists to varying degrees. It is relatively difficult to judge and eliminate construction machinery faults. Some maintenance personnel have always adopted the method of replacement test, regardless of the large or small parts, as long as they think that the parts that may cause the fault, they are replaced one by one. The result is not only the fault is not eliminated, but also The parts that should not be replaced are replaced at will, which increases consumer spending. The above-mentioned blind replacement test and blind replacement of repairable parts still exist to varying degrees in some repair units. During maintenance, the cause and location of the failure should be carefully analyzed and judged based on the failure phenomenon. Repair methods should be taken to restore the technical performance of the repairable parts, and the practice of blind replacement of parts should be avoided.   3 The problem of failure after assembly is more common without checking the quality of new parts. Before replacing the parts, some maintenance personnel do not perform technical inspections on the new parts, and install them directly on the construction machinery after they are taken. This approach is unscientific. At present, the quality of the parts on the market is uneven, some fake and inferior parts are mixed with fish eyes; some parts have been stored for a long time, and their performance changes. If they are not tested, they often cause failures after assembly. One 120A bulldozer, diesel engine oil cooler freezes and cracks, causing water to enter the oil. Replace with a new oil cooler and start the test machine. Water still enters the oil. Other parts have been checked, but the cause of the fault has not been found.   After disassembling the side cover of the new oil cooler, it was found that the oil sealing ring at the side cover was not compacted, causing the oil and water to mix. The reason was that the quality of the oil cooler was not closed. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out necessary inspections and tests before replacing new accessories, including appearance and performance tests, to ensure that the new accessories are fault-free and to prevent unnecessary troubles caused by them.  
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