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The 6 most overlooked aspects of electric forklift safety

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-16
The safety of forklifts is a multi-faceted issue, including personnel training, vehicle maintenance, the use of suitable forklifts to complete the corresponding work, and regular inspection of tires, lights and signs. If it is not properly maintained and inspected, the possibility of forklift accidents will be greater. For example, for forklift tires, when the forklift is driving on the road, keeping the tires in good condition and proper expansion is an important aspect of ensuring the safe operation of the forklift, which is more beneficial than just providing good traction for the forklift. Here are a few other overlooked aspects of forklifts. 1. Operating environment Before operation, you must know the environment or terrain where the forklift is about to operate, especially from the warehouse to the outdoor rugged terrain. This is the time for the forklift to function and the safety awareness of the operators to play a role. Operating forklifts on rough terrain requires specific hardware, such as high-durability tires with longer life and endurance. Some tires are made for indoor environments, while others are made for rugged terrain or outdoor environments. The most important thing is to choose and install suitable tires according to local conditions. Forklift operators also need to undergo professional training, including practice on rugged terrain, and pay attention to slopes, inclination angles, narrow holes, etc., and also know the reasons for these terrains to cause tipping and overturning. 2. Types of tires There are three different types of tires: inflatable, rubber and polyurethane, each of which has its own advantages. Pneumatic tires are most suitable for lifting heavy objects, and their design is durable. Rubber tires are the best choice for indoor operations, but compared to pneumatic tires, they are more susceptible to vibration and shock. Polyurethane tires are typical tires used in electric forklifts and are specially used for material handling operations. 3. Turning radius This operation is mainly concentrated in narrow passages. In a compact, densely packed attic full of tools, a forklift with the best turning radius will greatly help the work in terms of efficiency, safety and productivity. 4. Comparison between new and old This is a commonplace question. There are advantages to choosing new or second-hand forklifts and forklift parts. Under normal circumstances, the cost-benefit analysis and comparison of new forklifts and used forklifts can provide critical guidance when users make decisions. Sometimes, forklift operators and warehouse supervisors will need a practical, 'experienced' forklift, which has been previously proven to be able to complete the current task. But sometimes, when buying a new forklift, knowing that it has not had an accident and has no erroneous maintenance records can make people feel more at ease in operation. 5. Choose the right power. Fuel, electric and diesel forklifts are all different in efficiency and power. For heavy duty operations, fuel and diesel forklifts are the best choices. Electric forklifts are more suitable for indoor operations and light lifting operations. At the same time, it can greatly reduce costs and can play a huge role in simple material handling operations such as lifting by pallets. If you want more power, you usually need more resources. For most rugged terrain, heavy and stressful operations, diesel forklifts will be more useful because of their greater power and load. 6. Forklift control mechanism The staff should be familiar with the forklift control panel and instrument panel. In many cases, failure to monitor various instrument data will cause damage to the forklift and cause difficulties in material handling operations. In addition, failure to properly operate the forklift's control mechanism will increase the incidence of workshop accidents. Therefore, learning to use the control mechanism of a forklift can quickly and well improve safety and productivity.
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