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The air intake system of aerial work platforms should be cleaned and maintained regularly

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-04
Nowadays, the aerial work platforms for National IV emission are all EFI engines. Now most auto repair shops and even roadside shops have the effect of cleaning fuel injectors. This undoubtedly provides you with many conveniences and opportunities to choose. Few people pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the air intake system, and many manufacturers do not have special equipment. Regarding EFI vehicles, the dirt of the throttle body and the idle valve will affect the sensitivity of TPS and IAC, and then greatly affect the working conditions of the engine. To be more specific: air quality, air filter maintenance quality, and crankshaft Factors such as box ventilation and air flow often form the throttle body, the idle valve is dirty, and then the throttle opens sensitivity, opening accuracy, idle valve air flow, idle motor flexibility, after all, it damages the normal air-fuel ratio. , Affecting the normal operation of the engine, the manifestations reflected are: unstable idling, wheezing, poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption and emissions, etc. Now, some auto repair shops are beginning to pay attention to and increase the cleaning effect of the air intake system, but most of them are limited to disassembly and cleaning. What we have initiated is to use tools to avoid disassembly and cleaning. The effect is the same and obvious. This saves time and effort and is more important. What is to do is not to change or even damage the original structure. In addition, the main requirement of the aerial platform stacker is that the cleaning fluid used for cleaning can be very knowledgeable. Those general carburetor cleaners and inferior products can easily damage the sensor (such as oxygen sensor), and be cautious when using it.
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