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The application of forklift control system has greatly improved logistics efficiency

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-15

The handle of the multi-way reversing valve of some forklifts is seated in the horizontal position of the armrest. If the driver adopts the usual behavior during work, he may keep his sight on the goods forever.

For the satisfaction of the cab, some forklifts separate the cab from the theme and stand on their own as a full-floating cab, so that the cab may wish to adjust the unevenness of the seat, which is more important. There is a satisfactory ride.

In this way, the cab passes through the shock absorber and the body necklace, so the car shake is too small and may be ignored. Even some forklifts use cool breeze LPG internal combustion engines, which reduces the noise of forklifts by 80 decibels.

The application of the motion control system improves the maximum storage efficiency.

The use of power transistors and microprocessors improves the handling and running functions of the forklift, which may make it more convenient for the driver to control the forklift.

Use the computer terminal box scanning device in the cab to perform useful inventory picking, which is more convenient for operation.

Improved lead-acid battery function. The source of energy for electric forklifts is the battery, and the improvement of the function of the lead-acid battery means that the operation time of the forklift is more permanent, which improves the employment effect and adds to the economic benefits.

The safety, reliability and satisfaction of the cab and employment desk have been improved. May wish to make the driver more comfortable, the best form of employment.

The foundation of the pallet happened together with the forklift. The two were successfully integrated, which greatly improved the logistics utility of the enterprise. The logistics foundation of an enterprise may as well be divided into two parts, which can be the handling logistics based on horizontal movement and the stacking logistics based on vertical movement. These two types of logistics occupies more than 95% of the logistics movement in the company's logistics. They are the basic enterprise logistics methods. Forklifts and pallets are the foundation of this kind of basic logistics. It can be seen that they are the main body of foundation construction. Handling logistics is the movement of a flat space, including step-by-step logistics, such as automatic assembly lines; warehousing logistics, including the handling of raw materials and products. Stacking logistics is a vertical stacking movement, the most common is the stacking movement in the stacking of goods, and the temporary storage and stacking, the stacking movement will also occur in the process of loading and unloading goods.

Logistics warehousing and handling settings generally refer to a series of settings for stacking and loading and unloading, including stacking settings, common in domestic such as manual stackers, semi-electric stackers, full-electric stackers, etc., of course It also includes internal combustion forklifts, which are generally considered to be stacking and handling settings; handling settings are common in domestic manual pallets, all-electric pallets, semi-electric pallets, etc.; loading and unloading settings, such as car tail plates, are relatively common; Pallets; shelves, etc. With the country’s increasing emphasis on safety and the environment, the replacement of manpower by machines is a manifestation of humanity. Although work-intensive, the country is to create more job opportunities.

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