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The basic requirements of electric forklifts for the workplace, is your company's site suitable for electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-14
I heard that electric forklifts are super green, pollution-free, and zero-emission. I just don’t know if they are suitable for my working conditions? The electric forklift manufacturer tells you: When purchasing an electric pallet truck, pay attention to the size of the transported object, the height of the lifted goods, the size of the passage, the size of the load, etc., and pay more attention to the selection of the electric forklift before the equipment can be used. Maximum efficiency. So how to choose a relatively matched forklift? 1. Pay attention to the working environment: electric stackers and electric pallet trucks must be used on hard ground, and the flatness of the ground must not be too different. If the ground is greased or painted, you must choose a non-slip pile when choosing a forklift. High car. 2. Pay attention to the workload: choose relatively matching batteries for different workloads. The user must explain when ordering, and the matching battery can be selected according to the user's workload during production. 3. Pay attention to the volume of the cargo: the size of the cargo to be carried is related to the load center of the fork, and the length of the fork is related to the carrying capacity of the forklift. It is particularly important to choose the relative fork and forklift. 4. Pay attention to the lifting height of the goods: According to the height of the goods to be transported, when choosing a forklift, it generally means that the load is reduced by 50kg every 200mm within 1.6 meters. 5. Pay attention to the size of the passage: the size of the passage is related to the transformation radius of the electric forklift, which must be explained when purchasing the forklift. 6. How to choose a relatively matched forklift: single-sided pallet, double-sided pallet, use or not fixed forklift, the length of the up and down slope, the degree of slope, the length of the forklift, the tonnage of the loaded and unloaded cargo to the top weight, the cargo Such as sideways, forwards, backwards, etc. selection, electric forklift customization, ready for you at any time!
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