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The broad development market of electric forklifts should keep pace with the times

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-12
Looking at the domestic electric pallet truck market demand in the past few years, the total amount has not changed much, and only the market share and variety structure of foreign-funded enterprises and domestic-funded enterprises have changed. For a long period of time, domestic industrial design units still used bridge cranes or other types of cranes for the design of material handling in newly-expanded enterprises. In the case of a large number of laborers and increasing employment pressure, they still rely more on manual handling operations.  Because the forklifts are industrial vehicles in the factory, and the economic benefits are not good, and the country has no directives requiring obsolete forklifts to be forced out of service, the overdue service vehicles continue to be used, and the renewal speed slows down, inhibiting the growth of social demand. At the same time, the country's projects to stimulate domestic demand have a certain lag in the demand for electric forklifts.   In 2000, the domestic forklift market demand has undergone major changes. Under the influence of the country's policies to stimulate domestic demand for several years, the electric forklift market demand has also started. At the same time, as the logistics boom continues to heat up, some companies have begun to realize the importance of logistics and began to focus on improving the efficiency of logistics operations, which has a greater role in promoting the growth of the forklift market demand. All forklift companies clearly felt this in the middle of 2000, and some forklift companies also took the opportunity to seize this opportunity and expand their product sales.  The demand for electric forklifts in my country will grow at a rate of more than 10%. Regarding the development prospects of the forklift industry in the future, experts analyzed that my country's forklift output may exceed 50,000 units within 2-5 years, with a maximum of 70-80,000 units. In addition, compared with foreign developed countries, my country’s current electric pallet truck market still has great potential. Take Japan as an example. In its most glorious period, its annual output exceeded 160,000 units, and its sales were also in the economic downturn. It reaches about 70,000 units.
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