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The characteristics of the hydraulic transmission of the guide rail lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-20
The hydraulic transmission of the guide rail lifting platform is a transmission form that uses hydraulic components to realize the central transmission. Its main features are as follows: (1) Good habit: the output torque and speed of the hydraulic system can be changed with the change of the external load. , To get used to the external load requirements. (2) Good safety: When the hydraulic transmission is working, even if the external load is increased to the maximum, the hydraulic system can still maintain a relatively stable power output, and the normal operation of the equipment will not be affected by the increase in load. (3) Good speed regulation and buffering: Because it uses liquid as the transmission medium, it can be steplessly adjusted in a larger range, and it can also absorb vibration, thus improving the stability and life of the lithium pallet truck platform. The main disadvantage of hydraulic transmission is its low power. Generally, auxiliary equipment is required to be installed, and the cost is higher than general mechanical transmission. Rail-type lifting platforms have many advantages due to hydraulic transmission, so factories, engineering, mines, transportation, machine tools, ships, metallurgical machinery, etc. have successively selected hydraulic technology, which has practical implications for improving the level of industrial and mining mechanization in my country.
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