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The classification of common electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-16
Electric stacker is a kind of machine equipment that cannot be deficient in modern warehousing, logistics and transportation. This equipment is now used in a wide range of products. Its product functions are very good and can meet the application needs of different occupations. There are many types of electric stackers on the market now. The following is a brief introduction: 1. Fork-leg pallet stackers, which have bottom legs in front of the stackers, are suitable for loading and unloading goods with national standard single-sided pallets or without pallets. , Strengths: Experienced skills, the most widespread electric stacker, economical and practical. Defects: Only suitable for single-sided pallets. Double-sided pallets cannot be used. The chassis is low, and the work floor is flat. 2. Wide leg stacker, the front bottom leg of the stacker is wide, generally the inner width is 550/680mm, wide support The legs can be 1200/1500mm, and the double-sided pallets can be loaded and unloaded (the length of the double-sided pallets is less than the inner width, and is limited to it). Advantages: moderate price, can handle double-sided pallets or some special goods requirements. Defects: It occupies a large area, it is inconvenient to turn, and the operation is somewhat inconvenient compared to the general fork leg type. 3. The legless counterbalanced stacker is different from the fork-leg stacker. The counterbalanced stacker has no bottom legs at the front, and the counterweight is added to the rear of the stacker. The fork can be tilted forward and backward in an appropriate amount. Ensure that the goods are level after shoveling. Strengths: Wide range of applications, similar to traditional internal combustion forklifts; Defects: The whole vehicle is too heavy and too long, and requires relatively high channel spacing, and the price is relatively high. 4. The forward-moving stacker is similar to the counterweight type in basic aspects. There is no front bottom leg with counterweight. The difference is that the fork and the mast of the truck can move backward and forward at a certain interval, generally 550-650mm , In this way, the length of the stacker can be appropriately shortened, and the requirements for the passage will certainly be alleviated. The price is similar to that of the heavy stacker. Strengths: Wide range of operation and powerful functions. Defects: higher price. 5. Three-way stacker is also called a very narrow roadway truck. It is justified that the truck can be used for stacking operations in ultra-small aisles. General electric stackers generally require more than 2.3 meters of aisle space to operate, but the common shape of this stacker makes it still manageable in 1.5 meters of aisle space. It can be seen that it has a lot to improve the power of the warehouse. Great improvement. Strengths: powerful functions. Defects: slightly more difficult to control and extremely expensive. 6. The electric stacker on the side. The fork of the stacker is installed on the side. Loading and unloading operations are performed on the side. The first thing to do is to deal with the occasions where the passage is too small. The general production method is to install side shift attachments, but the formal production method is an integrated side shift fork, and the price is high. Domestically produced products generally cost more than 200,000 yuan, while imported ones are more expensive and require more than 100,000 U.S. dollars. Strengths: Suitable for narrow and small passages. Defects: expensive, bulky body, poor mobile function 7. Electric picking carts are mainly used for high-level warehouses to pick up freight, and the weight of the goods is low, generally within 200kg. The operation of the vehicle is performed by a person standing on the fork lifting equipment for advanced control. The requirements for vehicle safety planning are very high. Strengths: high height, convenient picking Defects: the operation is more complicated, there are certain technical difficulties, and the price is high. 8. The single-pillar stacker, that is, under the traditional mast lifting method, it is changed to single-pole lifting, so that the lifting speed is not limited by parallel on both sides, stable and uniform speed, so that it can be lifted evenly. Strengths: Simple design, simple operation, affordable price. Defects: limited height increase and weaker load capacity. The above are the eight common classifications of electric stackers. From this, it can be seen that there are still many types of electric stackers. According to customer needs Purchase according to your own practical needs.
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