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The classification of forklifts by the American Industrial Vehicle Association is somewhat different from that in China

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-06
According to the engine type, applicable operating environment, operating posture and equipment performance, the American Industrial Vehicle Association classifies forklifts into seven categories, including:    first category: electric forklifts, equipped with pneumatic tires or shock-absorbing tires;    second category : Narrow aisle electric pallet truck, equipped with solid tires;    third category: electric manual forklifts/manual forklifts, equipped with solid tires;    fourth category: internal combustion ride-on forklifts, equipped with shock-absorbing tires, suitable for hard road and indoor operation;   Category five: internal combustion drive-on forklifts, equipped with pneumatic tires, suitable for uneven surfaces and outdoor operations;    category six: electric or internal combustion drive stand-on forklifts, which can tow at least 1,000 pounds of materials, not used for material lifting;    category 7 : Generally only equipped with diesel engine and pneumatic tires, suitable for all-terrain outdoor operation.  In view of the materials handling application process, the first to fifth categories are mainly used, and the operations are mainly carried out indoors. Therefore, 'Modern' magazine only specifies the first five types of forklift equipment in the supplier ranking table.
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