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The difference between electric forklift and liquefied gas forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-21
Why use dual-fuel forklifts?  Application of Liquefied Gas Forklifts  Development of Liquefied Gas Forklifts In the late 1960s and early 1970s, due to the shortage of international crude oil supplies, major Western industrial countries had to find new energy sources to replace crude oil. Cleaner and more economical liquefied petroleum gas has been researched and developed at this time and has become a new generation of vehicle fuels that replace gasoline and diesel. In recent years, liquefied petroleum gas forklifts have continued to expand their market share in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and their sales have greatly surpassed diesel forklifts and diesel forklifts. The potential of electric forklifts.   Why liquefied gas forklift is the future development trend of the forklift industry, and what are its advantages?  Compared with diesel forklifts  ●Liquefied petroleum gas has an absolute advantage over diesel in terms of fuel cost.  ●Liquefied petroleum gas forklifts are suitable for working indoors and outdoors, even in working environments with particularly high environmental protection requirements.  ● Unlike diesel, liquefied petroleum gas has no pollutants overflow during the vaporization process, which effectively extends the life of the engine.  ●There is almost no harmful particles emitted during the operation of the LPG forklift, so as to ensure the health of the workers in the workshop. The emission of a large number of harmful particles in the exhaust of diesel forklifts seriously affects the respiratory health of workers.  ●The engine of the LPG forklift has small vibration amplitude and low noise, which protects the hearing of workers.  Compared with electric forklifts  ●Because of the high industrial electricity price and the high purchase price of batteries, the maintenance cost of electric forklifts is high. LPG forklifts are more cost-effective than electric forklifts.  ● Even in the case of insufficient fuel, the LPG forklift can maintain its power all the time. The power of electric forklifts will decrease with the decrease of electricity.  ●The LPG forklift can drive on uneven ground or steep slopes.  ● The carbon emissions of LPG forklifts throughout the product life cycle, that is, the 'carbon footprint  ●Liquefied petroleum gas forklifts are quick and easy to change fuel, while electric forklifts require 8 hours of charging time and 8 hours of battery cooling time.  ●Battery manufacturers of electric forklifts have seriously affected the local ecological environment and human health. There have been many 'blood lead' incidents caused by battery companies' illegal discharge of pollutants in China.  ●The LPG forklift can work at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees.  Natural gas forklift   Liquefied petroleum gas forklift in the process of operating, in order to achieve reasonable use, the following points should be done  1. First of all, be familiar with the relevant manuals of the liquefied gas forklift, and have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the liquefied gas conversion system. During the use of the forklift, the forklift should not be parked close to the heat or fire source, such as open flames, burning cigarette butts, and sparks. , Electric welding, high-temperature machines and electrical equipment; do not manually adjust or modify the liquefied gas conversion device without authorization; perform regular maintenance and inspections on schedule; stay vigilant and deal with any leakage or abnormality immediately. 2. Achieve reasonable start-up: If you use liquefied gas for dual-fuel, you should confirm whether the manual valve on the cylinder is fully opened before working, and the manual valve should be closed when the forklift is idle for a long time;   3. Pay attention to the fuel switching method (single-fuel forklift does not need to be considered): For dual-fuel forklifts, the switching should be done when the forklift is stopped and cannot be switched during driving; when the gasoline is switched to liquefied gas, the internal combustion engine should continue to run at idle speed At this time, you can turn the switch to the middle position to let the gasoline accumulated in the carburetor run out until the flame is turned off, and then turn the fuel switch to the liquefied gas position to restart; when switching from liquefied gas to gasoline, you can directly Turn the switch to the gasoline position without stopping at the neutral position. At this time, pay attention to pulling out the cable. When the dual-fuel system mainly burns liquefied gas, it is necessary to keep at least 1/4 of the fuel in the gasoline tank for emergency Need. And occasionally, it is necessary to burn gasoline to ensure that the gasoline system does not fail due to excessive idle time, and to prevent embrittlement of the oil pipeline. It is recommended to burn 10 kilograms of gasoline every month. The difference between an electric pallet truck and a liquefied gas forklift is an internal combustion engine, which converts the chemical energy in the fuel into mechanical energy that drives the vehicle forward by pushing the piston in the cylinder to move back and forth after burning the fuel. The form of mechanical energy. The main difference between liquefied gas and battery lies in the difference in the ignition mode caused by the physical characteristics of the fuel, which shows their different thermal efficiency and economy.
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