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The difference between pallet stacker and forklift and stacking questions

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-13
In the website of Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., although electric forklifts are the main products, there are other products, such as electric pallets, electric stackers, and electric stackers. So we We should not concentrate on the forklift, but should also come to know and understand other products. Therefore, based on this requirement, in the following, the pallet stacker will be specifically deployed and carried out, and the content is as follows. 1. Is there a difference between a pallet stacker and a forklift? Whether there is a difference between a pallet stacker and a forklift, in the view of forklift manufacturers, the answer is yes, that is, there is a difference between them, and there is a big difference. Because the forklift refers to the ordinary forklift, and the pallet stacker refers to the forklift with a higher lift, so this conclusion can be reached. 2. Does the operator of the pallet stacker have the same operating license as the forklift? This question is not difficult for forklift manufacturers to answer. Therefore, the specific answer they gave is: Pallet stacker, in terms of its properties, then it is a kind of forklift. Therefore, the requirements of the operators are the same as those of the forklift, and both must have a forklift operation license, so that they can operate and drive the pallet stacker. Otherwise, it is impossible. 3. What are the decisive factors for the pallet stacker and its stacking method? And, what is the width of the stacking channel? These two questions have a certain degree of professionalism, so below, electric pallet truck manufacturers will give the correct answers. The decisive factors of the stacking method of the pallet stacker, in specific terms, mainly include the nature, shape and volume of the goods themselves, and the packaging form of the goods, all of which have a great influence. As for the width of the stacking channel, it is determined by the width of the pallet stacker.
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