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The domestic electric forklift industry started much later than European and American countries

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-19
my country's electric pallet truck industry started later than European and American countries. The market share of electric forklifts is relatively small. In the first stage, internal combustion forklifts still occupy an absolute market share. my country's electric forklift market still has a lot of room for growth. Internal combustion forklifts have their advantages. Electric forklifts have the advantages of electric forklifts. Looking at the market share of electric forklifts in developed regions in Europe and the United States, the domestic electric forklift market share is increasing year by year. As a person in the electric forklift industry, we believe that the future of the electric forklift industry will be Getting better and better. At present, the internal combustion forklifts with gasoline and diesel as the main fuels have already set the sun, and the manufacture of forklifts with liquefied petroleum gas and electric energy as new power sources is emerging. Gasoline and diesel fuels have brought pollution to the atmosphere, while LPG It is a hydrocarbon that produces carbon dioxide and water after combustion. Electric energy is completely pollution-free, and the forklift industry is trying to use solar panels in the forklift industry. All these efforts may prompt new energy forklifts to replace gasoline and diesel as the main fuel. Energy. Under the advocacy of the global environmental protection and energy saving concept, the forklift industry has pioneered the use of electric car-driven forklifts, small electric pallets and electric stackers, and has opened an era dominated by electric storage equipment. For electric forklifts, its future The development potential of the company is immeasurable, and it will surely achieve further development with the construction of more and more logistics distribution centers and logistics parks.
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