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The manufacturer explains the twelve characteristics of the stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-16
The manual stacker and the electric stacker have a load of 1, 2, 3 tons, and the lifting height is within 1 to 4.8 meters. Hydraulic cylinders, imported seals, high-strength structure, optional fork structure; fixed and adjustable control modes are available with twelve characteristics of hydraulic stacker and electric stacker 1. Manual stacker, The 'C' steel mast and fork structure of the electric stacker support heavy load and are very strong.  2. Sealed oil pump with manual slow-down control valve.  3. The moving parts are equipped with alloy bushings, which can absorb partial load, wear resistance, extend service life and easy to replace.  4. Adjusting handles in three positions of ascending, descending and moving.  5. Eliminate oil leakage, solid chrome-plated structure, overload protection, and descending speed control.  6. u200bu200bLubricating oil is added to each activity of the semi-electric stacker.  7. The oil pump is integrally sealed, and the key components are imported from Germany, with overload protection.   8. The valve core adopts integral parts, which is different from scattered parts, which is convenient for maintenance, so that the car is more suitable for market demand.   9. The hydraulic oil of the oil cylinder of the lithium pallet truck is optional.  10. Nylon entry rollers and exit rollers reduce the force of the operator, and there are wheels and forks that protect the load.  11. Correction of the mast.  12, the number of gaps in the chain for a long time.
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