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The marriage of electric forklift parts and the Internet opens new ideas for energy saving and consumption reduction

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-24
It is reported that the construction machinery engine maintains high-speed idling most of the time, and the maximum speed only accounts for 5% to 8% of the entire working time. In addition, there is a lack of effective fuel-saving solutions for air-conditioning system applications, and there is huge room for energy saving. . The industry believes that the grafting of construction machinery with the Internet of Things technology will open up new ideas for energy saving and consumption reduction. Accelerating the penetration of information technology into the field of construction machinery, the development of applications in depth, and leading the development of construction machinery in the direction of intelligence, integration and energy conservation are one of the main directions for the next round of product competition in the industry.   On the construction site thousands of miles away, the construction machinery equipment failed, various failure information data can be timely transmitted to the manufacturer's system control room, and then the experts will return the solution to the construction site to finally complete the problem. A few days ago, the author learned from the construction machinery industry that a wheeled lithium pallet truck newly developed by a construction machinery company has been integrated with the Internet of Things technology to realize online fault diagnosis, monitoring the working status of the whole machine and other functions. Remote diagnosis of machine faults. The lithium pallet truck of the Internet of Things technology can perform online fault diagnosis of the whole machine. Through the transmission of water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, voltage and other data, visual and auditory comparisons, real-time monitoring of the working condition of the whole machine , To grasp the working performance of the machine in time and carry out effective troubleshooting, provide service maintenance and operation safety reminders.   It is understood that through the Internet of Things platform, field workers hold terminals to check the working status of the whole machine online, convert sound information, site images, machine operating conditions and other information into data and transmit it to the machine manufacturer. Even though they are thousands of miles away, experts can also know the working conditions of the machine on site. Once the machine fails, they can diagnose the problem immediately and guide the on-site technicians to complete the troubleshooting and resolution of the fault.   In addition, the Internet of Things expert system will issue maintenance teaching text, audio and video and other training materials from time to time to provide maintenance training for on-site staff.
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