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The reason for the pressure of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform is too high or too low

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-19
What are the reasons for the low pressure or high pressure of the lifting platform during operation? Below are two different situations for your systematic analysis. In the first case, the system pressure remains high and the adjustment is invalid. The reason for this is nothing more than the failure of the overflow valve, that is, when the main spool is stuck or rusted in the closed position, the system pressure will inevitably rise and cannot be adjusted. Therefore, when the pilot control of the overflow valve is When the oil circuit is blocked, the sudden increase in control pressure also causes the system pressure to rise suddenly. In the second case, the pressure of the hydraulic system of the lithium pallet truck platform is too low, and the reason for this is generally caused by internal leakage. 1. The hydraulic pump is worn to form a gap, which can not adjust the pressure and also causes the output flow to drop. 2. The main spool and the mating surface of the overflow valve are worn, which reduces the control pressure of the overflow valve, that is, the secondary pressure, which causes the system pressure to drop. 3. The hydraulic oil cylinder or hydraulic motor is worn or the seal is damaged, so that the hydraulic elevator system pressure drops or maintain Can't hold back the original pressure. If there are multiple actuators in the system, the pressure of one actuator is abnormal, and the pressure of other executions is normal, it indicates that there is a problem with this actuator. 4. There are gaps in the relevant valves and valve plates in the system, which cause leakage and reduce the pressure. Recommended reading: What aspects should be paid attention to in the safety inspection of the lithium pallet truck platform
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