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The reason why the high-altitude lifting platform allows you to choose

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-23
The high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform has the following characteristics: 1. A variety of types and small batches; because the product demand touches the occupations of street lamps, gardens, electric power, petrochemical, communication, etc., the high-altitude lifting platform products have strong specificity, outstanding individual requirements, many types of standards, and detailed Features such as small market size. 2. The product has the characteristics of high skill requirements and high value-added; high-altitude lifting platform products touch many areas of skills such as cars, machinery, electrical, computer, automation, etc., are typical skill-intensive products, and customers are concerned about the safety of the product There are very high requirements for control and handling. The company's customized products for special needs generally have high value per unit and high product added value. 3. Suitable for specialized enterprise development; it has the characteristics of many types of products, strong specificity, high skill content, and high safety requirements. Generally, it can only be customized and suitable for specialized enterprise development. 4. The demand for energy saving is relatively significant; users mainly gather in electric power, municipal administration and gardening and other occupations. Affected by the budget management guidelines and acquisition guidelines of national administrative institutions and large state-owned enterprises such as electric power, it makes aerial work lifting channel occupation the fourth Quarterly shipments accounted for about 40% of the entire year. Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is not just simply manufacturing high-altitude lifting platforms and other mechanical equipment, but inventing customer value, providing enterprises and customers with modern high-altitude operations and logistics transfer overall solutions and professional skills support services.
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