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The summer heat causes frequent charging accidents of electric forklifts. How to avoid them?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-18
Due to the hot summer weather, electric pallet truck truck fires frequently occur, bringing great safety hazards and property losses to the general public and consumers, and threatening life safety. How to avoid electric pallet truck charging accidents has become the most worrying issue for consumers.  In response to such problems, we have made the following suggestions:   1. Check the brand device when buying a car. When consumers buy electric vehicles, they need to pay attention to choosing electric vehicles with production licenses, high market popularity or well-known brands. At the same time, they should pay attention to checking whether the vehicle has undervoltage, overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection functions.  2. When the battery is installed in the vehicle, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the battery connection line can meet the needs of the battery power supply that matches the motor model and specifications. The battery connection cable must not be too long and the connection must be tight. After the connection is completed, glass glue can be applied to the battery connection post to prevent loosening. Secondly, the connecting line must be treated to prevent friction and breakage during riding.   3. Frequent inspection and maintenance are required during the use of the car. When buying an electric car, you must read the product manual and operate according to its manual. You must also choose a charger that matches the electric car; if the electric car fails during normal use, you must choose a professional maintenance organization or maintenance personnel; cut Do not disassemble the electrical device without authorization to ensure that the electrical wiring and protection device are intact.  4. The vehicle should be charged outdoors as far as possible, or the battery should be removed and charged separately. Do not charge at high temperature or when the surrounding air is not well circulated. The charging circuit should choose a suitable circuit, the circuit should be fixedly installed, and short-circuit and leakage protection devices should be installed. In addition, the vehicle should avoid too long charging time and need to be charged according to the instructions. In principle, the charging time should not exceed 10 hours. When driving, try not to put the charger of an electric car on the car. Sometimes the road bumps can easily cause a short circuit inside the charger, and it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion when recharging. When charging, place the charger in a place where heat dissipation is easier To prevent the charging time from being too long and the charger from overheating and causing fire hazards; the car should mainly try to avoid driving on rainy and watery road sections to prevent the motor from entering water and short-circuiting and catching fire during charging.
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