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These four factors determine the price of high-altitude lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-23
1. The regional nature of the price of the lifting platform    mainly depends on the regionality. From the geographical point of view, the price is developed in an increasing trend from south to north. Extending to the northeast or southwest region, as the price gradually increases, the freight will gradually increase, which has led to a clear comparison of the prices of north-south high-altitude lifting platforms and elevators. Second, the order time of the price of the lifting platform    the order cycle of the product will also directly affect the price of the high-altitude lifting platform and elevator. Regarding this type of product, it is difficult for many customers to purchase the corresponding model of the product. Since many customers have to use it within a limited time when buying, they will prefer product suppliers with fast delivery and short delivery time. However, the high-altitude lifting platform manufacturers are mostly seasonal and quantitative production in the production of lifting platforms. Therefore, when customers buy, many manufacturers do not have the stock. If they want to buy, they need to produce from the first row. The production cycle ranges from 1-3 months. And those suppliers that have stock will use the factor of waiting for customers to raise prices. 3. The cost of the lithium pallet truck platform    The price of the lift and the lifting platform also depends on the cost of the product. Products with different raw material standards have different functions, lifespans, and safety functions. Many customers only consider price factors when purchasing lifting platforms, and then neglect safety and durability. In terms of product production, Sino-US joint ventures use higher raw materials, fine workmanship and stronger safety than domestic ones. In terms of price, the domestic lifting platform and the Sino-US joint venture lifting platform will be very different. Fourth, the purchase volume of the lithium pallet truck platform The price of the high-altitude lifting platform also depends on the purchase volume and batch nature. This element is generally reflected in dealers and high-volume customers. Generally, individuals may only purchase 1 or 2 sets when purchasing. This kind of price will not fluctuate much compared with the price provided by the manufacturer. As for customers who buy 5 and 10 units at a time, and even for long-term demand, manufacturers will add rebates or drastically lower prices based on the purchase volume and batch size to maintain customers.
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