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To buy aerial work platforms, you must learn these five tips!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-25
1. More serialization of aerial work platforms is an important development trend of aerial work machinery, which constitutes a full range of products with different standards from micro to large, dedicated to expanding the scale of operations, satisfying the needs of different operations, and constantly shortening product updates. In order to improve the company’s ability to compete in the international market and the company’s ability to resist danger. In the meantime, micro products are characterized by compact structure, small size, light weight, flexible maneuverability, convenient use, energy saving and environmental protection, and low noise; large products feature large volume, high working height, strong lifting ability, and can satisfy extreme height conditions. Application requirements. The extreme (large and small) products have high technological content. Although the Ru0026D and production cycle is long, the investment is large, and the market capacity is limited, the market competition is relatively small, so the profit of the product is relatively high, which improves the company’s Competition ability in the international market and the ability of enterprises to resist danger. 2. More functions of aerial work platforms In order to satisfy the needs of different users in all aspects, we are developing towards multi-function. After reasonable planning of the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic control systems, the multi-function operation equipment can complete a variety of operation functions; through the rapid replacement of the connection equipment, the replacement of the multi-function operation equipment is completed; the standardized and modular planning is selected, and the simplified The combination method is to form a series of products of multiple types, multiple standards and multiple purposes with fewer parts and components, and to improve the general functions of the products. The transportable users can give full play to the effectiveness of the equipment itself without increasing the investment. Carry out widening and transformation to complete more operations under different working conditions and expand the scale of equipment operations. 3. The aerial platform stacker is more informatized and intelligent. It is guided by electronics and information skills, completing engine fuel combustion control and electronic control, hydraulic system control, CAN bus dispersion control, load sensing speed change, active weighing, active channel leveling, Intelligent control in active limiting, visual control, active operation, precise positioning and operation, fault diagnosis and monitoring, emergency power, etc. After humanized function planning, the operation process is simplified, the labor intensity of the operator is reduced, the misoperation is reduced, and the safety is improved. 4. Higher reliability of aerial work platforms The most important requirement for aerial work machinery is high safety, which requires equipment with high reliability. These high-reliability skills can be considered from many aspects such as the high-altitude operating machinery's own structure, engine system, brake system, on-board electronic system, and safety equipment. For example, the weighing organization should be able to complete the accurate weighing of the workbench components, and actively distribute various load levels, and then ensure safe operations under the maximum operating fluctuations. The measurement accuracy should not be affected by the position of the heavy objects in the workbench. Overload, stop the action immediately, and accompany the sound and light alarm; the boom and lifting organization should be made of high-strength, low-weight new materials, with sufficient strength and ability to resist bending deformation, and undergo finite element analysis and dynamics simulation, etc. The method meets the requirements of lightweight and compact planning; the fulcrum position of the hydraulic cylinder should be expanded so that the force of the hydraulic cylinder during operation does not change at all; the hydraulic system should be equipped with a safety maintenance valve to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from breaking; the walking system should It has a variety of steering methods to enhance the adaptability, passing ability and climbing ability under various ground conditions; select the humanized control room to ensure that the driver has a wide field of vision; plan the humanized operation organization to make the operation comfortable and simple; Ensure the appearance of the whole machine is exquisite, and is equipped with various safety monitoring equipment such as overload safety maintenance equipment, emergency descent equipment in case of power outage. 5. Aerial work platforms are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In today's world, power is relatively scarce and environmental maintenance is under great pressure. Clean and environmentally friendly have become the commanding heights of the global aerial work machinery industry competition in the future. New power technologies represented by low-emission, low-fuel consumption, cost-effective pure electric, hybrid, fuel cells, advanced diesel, alcohol fuels, etc., have better dealt with energy conservation and environmental protection issues, and have gradually become major international high altitudes. The development of work machinery manufacturers is a hot topic.
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