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Two key points in the design of electric traction forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-03
Compared with electric forklifts, electric traction forklifts have relatively simple functions. For the design of electric traction forklifts, the realization of the steering function and the calculation of traction must be considered first. Others have less impact on the layout of the car body, and can be placed after the car body is roughly out and the front parameters are determined. 1. Steering function: On a small-tonnage electric traction forklift, because the required driving force is not large, the driving wheel (driving wheel steering). When the load does not need to be large, mechanical steering, such as TG30, can be used. However, once the tonnage exceeds a certain level, the load of the steering wheel will be relatively large. If mechanical steering is still used, the operator will be overwhelmed. Generally, hydraulic power steering or other power steering methods are used to reduce the work intensity of the operator. Both TG40 and TG60 are hydraulic steering. 2. Calculation of tractive force: Once the tonnage of the electric tractor is determined M, the required tractive force of the baggage car can be determined according to the rolling friction coefficient (usually 0.025), assuming the tractor weight m and the driving wheel load m1 (assuming m1/mu003d2/ 3). According to the material of the driving wheel, the adhesion coefficient f is found, that is: f*m1u003d0.025 (M+m) The required weight m of the tractor can be roughly calculated. Estimate the motor power according to the driving speed required by the project, and select the drive axle. The selection of motor speed, bridge, and tire is a coordinated process and must be considered in coordination. After the motor power is selected, the battery can be selected according to the usage time requirements.
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