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Basic operating requirements for electric forklift drivers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-07
In the operation of electric forklifts, the driver not only needs excellent driving skills, but also proficient operating skills. Only in this way can the safety of loading, unloading and handling operations be ensured.  1. The forklift should be able to accurately load and place the forks during the operation of the electric pallet truck. When stacking the goods with the forklift, strive for a successful stacking and avoid multiple adjustments. Especially in the container, it is necessary to master the stacking methods of various cargo characters in the container, and do not blindly place them and move them repeatedly. When the electric pallet truck completes the loading and unloading operations, it is very frequent to enter and exit the garage door, and there are many reversing. The steering must be accurate, and the garage door is scratched during the make-up lesson or the vehicle is often reversed. Paying attention to this point is very beneficial to safe production and improving work efficiency.  2. It is required that there is no impact when starting or stopping, and no bumps or shaking when driving. To be stable, when starting, you should master the cooperation between the clutch pedal and the accelerator pedal, and do it according to the starting point; when parking, according to the speed of the car, apply the brakes appropriately, especially when the electric forklift is about to stop. When staying, relax the pedal appropriately, and then apply pressure to stop steadily.  3. It should be based on safety and stability. After the electric forklift starts, it accelerates quickly and drives the forklift at full speed. During the driving, observe the position of the goods to be picked up and the height of the stacks to be stacked.  4. When using, inspect and repair in time in accordance with the warranty regulations to ensure that the forklift works reliably in good condition, strictly enforce the rules and regulations, and have the ability to encounter accidents to prevent accidents.  5. The driver should correctly operate the forklift according to the specific conditions of the loading and unloading operation on the basis of mastering the performance of the electric pallet truck, and receive better economic benefits.
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