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Before driving the electric stacker truck, the working conditions of the brake and pump station should be checked

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-01-19

The electric stacker plays a great role in handling, loading and unloading goods. It makes the handling of goods easier, greatly shortens the working time and improves the working efficiency. The operation of the lithium pallet truck is not difficult, so many people can get started quickly although they are inexperienced, but this also causes some problems. There is no systematic understanding and learning, so people's operation methods cannot be said to be completely correct. There will also be some hidden safety hazards. The following are some operation methods of electric stacker trucks, hoping to help everyone.

1. Driving

Before driving, check the working conditions of the brakes and the pump station, and ensure that the battery is fully charged. Hold the joystick with both hands, and force the vehicle to slowly drive towards the working cargo. If you want to stop, you can use the handbrake or foot brake to stop the vehicle.

2. Unloading

(1) Keep the fork perpendicular to the shelf and approach the shelf carefully and then insert it into the bottom of the pallet;

(2 )Return the stacker to let the forks move out of the pallet;

(3) Raise the forks to the required height, slowly move to the pallet to be unloaded, and ensure that the forks can easily enter the pallet and The goods are in the safe position of the forks;

(4) Raise the forks until the pallet is lifted from the shelf;

(5) Back slowly in the aisle;

(6) Lower the load slowly while making sure that the fork does not touch the obstacle during lowering.

Note: Steering and braking operations must be slow and careful during cargo electric pallet lift truck.

3. Stacking

(1) Keep the goods low and approach the shelf carefully;

(2) The goods are above the shelf plane;

(3) Slowly move forward, stop when the goods are above the shelf, put down the pallet at this point and pay attention that the forks do not apply any force to the shelves under the goods. force to ensure that the goods are in a safe position;

(4) Slowly retreat and ensure that the pallet is in a free and firm position;

(5) Lower the fork to the stacker driving location.

4. Safety facilities

(1) Main switch: power main switch;

(2) Foot brake: reliable parking brake;

(3) Restrictor valve: Control the descending speed;

(4) Pressure limiter valve: Control the load;

(5) Protection net: Protect the driver.

5. Prohibited items

(1) It is forbidden to operate semi-electric stackers after drinking;

(2) It is forbidden to overload, uneven stacking of goods, and flatness ;

(3) straddle operation is prohibited;

(4) parking on ramps or steps is prohibited.

Before operating the electric stacker, the vehicle should be inspected, and special attention should be paid to the condition of the brakes, pump station, etc., and also to determine whether the battery has electricity. Many people are more casual when unloading. In fact, in the process of lifting the goods, they need to be careful when operating the steering and brakes, and they should not be impatient, otherwise accidents may occur. Another point is to remember those prohibitions, remember not to park on ramps or steps.

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