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Brief analysis of the characteristics of small electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-07

With the development of science and technology, nowadays, whether it is heavy industry or light industry, there are professional processes and things that can be greatly improved. Now we can often be in the central We can often see small electric stackers to help people save labor and improve task obedience. What are the characteristics of small stackers? Let’s briefly introduce them tomorrow.

Since it is small There is no doubt that the stacker is so exquisite and sensitive. Like in the center of stations, ports, etc., due to the large number of people in communication, large-scale facilities are not conducive to mobility, so small balanced heavy electric forklifts have become the best choice. And this facility No noise, purification, and it will not be stable about the crowd, so it is widely used. In order to conform to the size of the forklift, the compact structure has also become its characteristic. Due to the exquisite compactness, the required power is also small, so the battery can The task time is longer, which is conducive to saving energy.

The car of the small electric pallet truck is more comfortable and inconvenient to drive with other forklifts. The exquisite model makes this type of small forklift practical for more use. The cramped center. In addition, easy to grasp, safe braking, and a proper and reliable structure, make it safe. Different stackers are based on the central difference in the use of characteristics, so suppliers and manufacturers must base their decisions on their own Special and personal needs start to make a decision.

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