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Daily maintenance of hydraulic aerial lift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-22
There are many customers who want to buy hydraulic aerial work lifts, but there are so many kinds, which one is right for them? How to do daily protection and inspection after selection? The editor briefly introduces you:    hydraulic aerial lifts can be divided into two types: fixed and mobile. Fixed hydraulic lifts are further divided into scissor fixed hydraulic lifts, guide rail hydraulic lifts, and aluminum alloy fixed hydraulic lifts. Today, let's introduce the daily protection and daily inspection of the rail-mounted high-altitude elevator in the fixed lithium pallet truck platform. Guide rail type hydraulic elevator is mainly composed of hydraulic station, lifting hydraulic cylinder, tension chain, leveling steel cable, stable steel cable, cargo channel, guide rail and other components. Hydraulic station: It is the power output source equivalent to the heart of the animal. We should Regularly replace the oil used in the hydraulic station to ensure that the combined valve body is not affected by the impurities contained in the hydraulic pressure, causing oil unloading. Ensure its normal operation.  Lifting hydraulic cylinder: It is the executive organization of power. The piston rod is pushed out when the hydraulic oil is filled, and the piston rod is retracted when the drain valve is opened. We should pay attention to whether the hydraulic cylinder has oil leakage, pressure relief, etc. Deal with the situation promptly if it is found.   Tension chain: The power transmission organization is elastic by the hydraulic piston rod. Changing the length of the tension chain makes the hydraulic elevator rise and fall. We must always check the wear condition of the chain to ensure that the grease on the chain is smooth.  Leveling steel cable: It is the organization that ensures the horizontal lifting of the hydraulic elevator workbench. We must always check its tightness and the damage of the steel cable to ensure that it exerts its due effect.   Secure steel cable: It is used to place the organization of the hydraulic elevator falling after the tension chain is broken.   Cargo Channel: It is the place where the goods are placed.   Guide rail: It is the positioning and guiding device for the lifting position of the hydraulic aerial work lift.
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