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Daily nursing skills of aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-11
For aerial work platforms, many users only know how to operate and rarely do careful inspection and protection. Once there is a problem with the operating vehicle, it will complain about the quality of the vehicle, the aerial platform stacker, etc., and even buy a new vehicle at a high price. This series of unnecessary complaints and expenses can actually be saved, as long as you do it often. Checking the battery battery status is essential to function and safe operation. Inappropriate electrolyte levels or damaged cables and wires can damage components and create a risky situation. Note: There is no need to check the device seal or protect the storage battery. Check that the hydraulic oil is at the correct oil level. Adhering to the hydraulic oil is very important for machine operation. If the hydraulic oil is at an improper oil level, it will damage the hydraulic components. After daily inspection, the inspector can determine the change of hydraulic oil level. This change can cause problems in the hydraulic system. Note: The procedure is executed when the channel is in the retracted state. Periodic repairs for quarterly, annual, and two-year protection items must be protected by trained operators in accordance with the relevant operation manuals. For machines that have been idle for more than two months, quarterly inspections are necessary before use.
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