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Did you choose the right brake fluid for electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-25
After the general construction machinery has passed the three guarantee period, many forklift customers choose to purchase parts and maintenance parts by themselves for repair and maintenance at nearby repair points. This seems to reduce the cost of maintaining a vehicle. However, it is not necessary to choose forklift parts at a repair shop without quality assurance. Less professional knowledge, otherwise you will lose more than the gains if you buy cheap and inferior electric pallet truck parts. Let’s walk into a real case—forklift brake fluid (brake fluid). Brake fluid, also known as brake fluid, is a fluid used to transmit pressure in the hydraulic brake system of construction machinery. Its pros and cons are directly related to the reliability of the brakes. Therefore, the purchase of brake fluid is related to the safety of the driver's life and must not be taken lightly. How much damage does inferior brake fluid do to the brake system? High-energy spoilers-real case This is an obvious case of using mineral oil to cause rubber parts to swell. The reaction test of EPDM rubber parts (commonly used in the market) to mineral oil and brake fluid. The two rubber parts have been compared before the test, and the dimensions are basically the same. After 30 hours, it has been swollen obviously, which affects the braking effect of the whole machine. After 96 hours, the rubber part expanded by 20%, which was enough to cause the braking effect of the whole machine to fail. After 168 hours, the rubber parts have expanded by 30%, the braking effect is invalid, and the parts need to be replaced again! The use of inferior brake fluid has many hazards. The balanced return of inferior brake fluid makes the boiling point not up to standard, so the product is prone to air resistance, causing brake failure; inferior brake fluid has unqualified kinematic viscosity, and excessive viscosity at low temperatures will cause brake delay , The viscosity is too low at high temperature, which leads to poor lubricity and serious wear of parts. manufacturers remind you: Keep your eyes open when buying brake fluid!
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