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Do you know the role and significance of electric forklift seals?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-07
In the forklift hydraulic system, the sealing device is used to prevent the leakage of working medium and the intrusion of external dust and foreign objects. The sealing element is the sealing element. The electric pallet truck manufacturer provides you with popular science: the operation and significance of forklift seals! In the contact seal, there are two types: self-sealing compression seal and self-sealing self-tightening seal (namely, lip seal). All internal combustion forklifts use Japanese NOK seals, which are sturdy and reliable. If the forklift seals are not well done, leakage will cause waste of working media, pollute the machine and the environment, and even cause mechanical operation failure and equipment personal accidents. Internal leakage will cause the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic system to drop sharply, failing to reach the required working pressure, or even failing to work. The tiny dust particles invading the system will cause or aggravate the wear of the friction pair of hydraulic components, and further lead to leakage. Therefore, seals and sealing devices are an important part of hydraulic equipment. The reliability and service life of its work is an important indicator to measure the quality of the hydraulic system. Forklifts with Japanese NOK seal technology, your trusted forklift brand!
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