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Does the electric lifting platform need annual inspection?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-11
Electric lifting platforms are usually called mobile lifts, such as scissor lifts and aluminum alloy lifts, and are usually driven by electricity. If the machine is used for a long time, it will be defective. This is unreasonable. Electric lifting platforms are no exception. In daily use, the motor and all parts of the electric lifting platform need to be maintained and maintained. If maintenance is not carried out, the electric lifting platform will age rapidly, the parts will be simple and rusty, the chain will be cracked, the elevator will be unstable, and many other emergencies will occur. This severely affected our daily operations, leading to failure of the operation, and thus the loss of the company. At the same time, there may be casualties. Maintenance work is not careless and careless! The daily operations of many factories are very compact. Usually, the customer asks us to pay attention to repairing the hydraulic lifting channel. This is mainly due to their daily maintenance and maintenance. So even for many compact operations, we have elevators to remind all customers, the most electric lithium pallet truck platform. It must be overhauled once a month. It is best to replace the hydraulic oil every six months in the hydraulic lifting channel to avoid problems caused by the deterioration of the hydraulic oil, such as no lifting. Now let us return to the topic of the title. Does the electric lifting platform need to be inspected once a year? The answer is not a requirement, because the electric lifting platform is not a special equipment, and can be used by general factories or individuals. Although the electric lifting platform does not require annual inspection, each customer must insist on a small bid for the electric lifting platform every month. If the chain is rusty, the motor is damaged, and the hydraulic oil is full. The feet are not deformed, and so on. For manned electric lifting platforms, we should pay more attention to this aspect of maintenance, not only to protect the interests of the company, but also to maintain the safety of personal lives.
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