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Does the new electric forklift need to be run-in? How long will it take to break in?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-11
In the early stage of running-in of the new electric pallet truck, heavy goods should not be transported. During the 100 hours in the first stage of the new vehicle running-in,    should operate the forklift according to the following requirements:    1. Before operating, the forklift should be preheated, regardless of the season.  2. Carry out pre-inspection and maintenance carefully and thoroughly according to regulations.   3. Avoid emergency braking, emergency steering, and start slowly.  4. The oil change and lubrication should be earlier than the specified time.   5. Do not run the engine at high speed without external load.
The maintenance of the newly purchased electric forklift has started from the first charge
1. For the first charge of the new electric forklift truck, the battery must be recharged after use, and it is enough once more than 10 hours. It can be used continuously for 4-5 hours after each charge. During the second charge, the battery will stop charging 1 hour after the green light of the battery indicator. Long charging time may damage the battery and shorten the battery life. 2. For each forklift, keep the battery with residual power. If the battery is consumed as much as possible, it will damage the electrodes in the battery and cause it to fail to charge. 3. The maintenance of the battery is mainly to be cherished at ordinary times, try not to damage the circuit, and keep the battery clean when not in use. 4. When charging, plug in the battery first, then connect to the power source, dial the power source after charging, and then dial the battery socket. Correct daily maintenance will increase the service life of electric forklifts!
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