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Dynamic pictures explain 13 common accidents of forklifts such as pallet stackers (summary)

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-30
A compilation of GIF diagrams of forklift safety accidents, electric pallet truck manufacturers want to see people who are warned. Hidden dangers are everywhere, keep safety first. The forklift driver encounters a wet body, not only a wet body, but also a reflection of indifference in safety awareness. Has been committed to the production and research and development of electric pallet trucks, pallet stackers, picking equipment, electric tractors, and AGV unmanned automation equipment. The products have more than 80 specifications and are supplied to domestic and foreign markets in large quantities, especially in Saudi Arabia. , Brazil and other foreign airports have realized the supply and service of a full set of towing vehicles. Its advanced technology, exquisite appearance design, superior performance and quality all reflect the company's research and development capabilities and excellent manufacturing level. The forklift driver was brutally wet with human body weight, and he was shocked that he was cold sweat or human body weight. This time he was not so lucky. Forklift truck collision accident during forklift transportation. Forklift truck reversing accident. Forklift falling objects, accidents, speeding, turning, rollover, not observable, collisions, excessive reversing, forklift falling, damage to goods due to improper handling of forklifts, crossing the aisle, transporting over-wide items, accidental reversing of goods, causing shelf collapse
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