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Forklift clutch common failure case details

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-04
During the operation of the forklift, the clutch is used very frequently and the friction parts wear quickly. If used or repaired improperly, the acceleration clutch will be damaged, which will affect the normal operation of the forklift. Electric forklift 丨 clutch four failure cases, come and learn together! 1. Friction plate slipping (1) Trouble phenomenon This fault is manifested in that when the forklift is started, after the clutch pedal is completely released, the engine power cannot be completely transmitted to the transmission, resulting in insufficient power of the lithium pallet truck, difficulty in starting, and increased fuel consumption. During the driving of the forklift, the vehicle speed cannot increase with the increase of the engine speed. When the forklift stalls on a slope, it will automatically slide down after being put into a low-speed gear. It is difficult for forklifts to load uphill. In severe cases, a burnt smell will be emitted from the clutch. (2) Cause analysis There are 6 reasons for the failure: one is that the clutch pedal has no free stroke, and the release bearing has been pressed on the release lever, making the clutch pressure plate in a semi-detached state. The second is the oil stains on the friction plate; the third is the friction plate wear exceeding the limit (the friction plate rivet head is less than 0.5mm from the friction plate surface) or severe ablation or damage; the fourth is the pressure plate spring is too soft or broken; the fifth is the clutch pressure The fixing bolts of the disc and the flywheel are loose, or a gasket is installed between the pressure plate and the flywheel (at the connecting bolt); sixth, the clutch release bearing seat is stuck. (3) Troubleshooting example The lithium pallet truck is difficult to start in gear. As the engine throttle increases, a burnt smell is emitted from the clutch. Check that the clearance between the separation lever and the separation bearing is normal, and the thickness of the friction plate is normal. When the clutch pedal is stepped on, the friction plate can be separated normally. Continue to check that there is a gasket between the clutch pressure plate and the flywheel. When the clutch pedal is lifted, a flat screwdriver can be used to push the friction plate, which indicates that the friction plate is in a semi-engaged and semi-detached state. The analysis believes that due to the installation of a gasket between the pressure plate and the flywheel, the pressure plate is not enough to press against the friction plate, resulting in slippage between the friction plate, the flywheel and the pressure plate, and a burnt smell is emitted. After removing the gasket and adjusting the gap between the separation lever and the separation bearing, the machine was tested, and the malfunction disappeared. 2. Incomplete separation (1) Fault phenomenon The fault is manifested as difficulty in gear shifting when the clutch pedal is stepped on to the end when the forklift starts, and there is a clear noise in the transmission. After forcibly shifting into gear, without releasing the clutch pedal, the forklift can drive forward or cause the engine to stall. Depressing the clutch pedal, the forklift still cannot stop normally, and the shift lever is not easy to get out of the gear. (2) Reason analysis There are 4 reasons for the failure: one is the clutch pedal free stroke is too large (more than 20~30mm); the other is the height of the three separation levers is inconsistent (the error is greater than 0.40mm). Third, the friction plate warps, the rivets fall off, the new friction plate is too thick, and the friction plate is installed reversely (the front and rear lengths of the friction plate spline sleeve are different, the long side should face the flywheel, and the short side should face the transmission); the fourth is a separation lever Or the adjustment screw is broken; Fifth, the hydraulic clutch oil circuit is faulty, such as air or lack of oil, damage to the master cylinder and the sub-cylinder. (3) Troubleshooting example The forklift is difficult to shift, and the engine will stall after shifting. After inspection, the release bearing and clutch pressure plate were found to be ablated. After replacing the release bearing and pressure plate, and re-adjusting the clutch clearance, the lithium pallet truck worked normally. A few days later, the release bearing was ablated again. When it was disassembled again, it was found that there was a deep groove on the journal of the transmission I shaft bearing cap. Analysis believes that whenever the clutch pedal is stepped on, the release bearing seat is stuck in the groove, causing the release bearing to press on the clutch release lever, causing the release bearing to rotate normally, causing the release bearing to be quickly ablated. After replacing the gearbox I shaft bearing cap, the machine was tested, and the malfunction disappeared.
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