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Forklift daily self-inspection

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-08
Winter comes and spring comes again, and it is another year of warm spring season. As the temperature rises and the progress of the project begins, lithium pallet truck products will usher in a heavy-duty use stage after the severe winter. During this time period, it is very It is necessary to perform an inspection and maintenance for the forklift products. So, today I will teach you how to self-check the lithium pallet truck on a daily basis. 1. Working mechanism (1) The guide wheels, pressing wheels and rollers of the main frame and fork frame are disconnected from welding, out of round, overrun or not working, and the gap on both sides of the guide wheel frame is obviously too large; main frame, fork, fork The frame and the guard frame are obviously twisted, deformed, and cracked; the lifting speed is slow, shaking or swaying; it descends or tilts forward by itself; the main frame or fork frame is stuck in operation; the fork frame is skewed. (2) The chain links are rusted and deformed, and the buckle cannot rotate freely; the adjusting screw and the lock nut are not tight enough; the chain pin and the guide pulley are deformed, run or worn out of limit; the split pin and the lock nut are not in compliance with the regulations ; The chain is greasy; the chain is skewed or stuck. (3) The lateral movement of the forks is not flexible, the positioning pins are flexible and the reliability is poor; the length difference between the two forks is more than 10mm, and the height difference is more than 5mm; the fork leg angle is greater than 90 or less than 88. Second, the braking performance of the running mechanism (1) Unstable transmission, abnormal noise; gearbox is out of gear; pedal free stroke does not meet the requirements; the steering wheel is swaying in a snaking manner when running; the rear wheel is obviously outside. (2) Padded the mast to make the driving wheels off the ground, and the shaking wheels have axial movement; when driving two wheels, there is jamming; there are large oil stains on the surface of the tires, there are hard embedded objects and punctured objects; the tread wears excessively. Limit, out of round; tire cracks, lumps peeling; loose rubber rim; deformed rim. (3) Lubrication and brake fluid oil quality and oil volume do not meet the requirements; front and rear wheel protective covers, hubs, and axle bolts are missing, loose, or deformed. (4) There are deformations, cracks, corrosion, damages in the parts of the brake; oil seepage or leakage in the brake pipelines and joints; abnormal noise during braking; large braking stroke; uneven braking; slow separation after the brake is released Or poor return; pneumatic tire pressure does not meet the requirements. (5) Foot braking: Emergency foot braking is implemented when running at full speed with no load; braking can not occur quickly in a foot test at normal speed, and the braking response is slow; left and right drag marks are obviously inconsistent, and unilateral braking is obvious Or go wrong. (6) Hand brake: After tightening the hand brake lever, the lithium pallet truck can start or go down on the runway with the specified maximum gradient (usually 15%); the hand brake is not flexible and the support plate screws are loose. 3. The steering performance of the steering mechanism (1) The steering wheel is deformed seriously; the steering wheel axial clearance is greater than 20mm; the steering wheel sensitivity is poor, and the connection with the steering rod is loose or slippery; the free turning angle is greater than 30; the steering is heavy, or when turning left and right, the light and heavy are inconsistent ; The steering wheel is fluttering, resulting in an empty stroke; when walking, it deflects by itself. (2) Deformation, cracks, corrosion, and damage exist in the parts of the steering device; the horizontal and straight tie rods and the rear wheel rub against the car body; the steering connecting plate moves up and down; the clearance between the follower rod screw plug and the ball pin seat is large; the steering knuckle The wear of the pin and bushing exceeds the limit. (3) The imprints formed by the left and right minimum turning radius do not form a circle or are obviously inconsistent; the minimum turning radius value does not meet the specified requirements. 4. Hydraulic system (1) The quality and quantity of hydraulic oil do not meet the requirements; the plunger rod of the lifting and tilting cylinder has scratches, groove marks, cracks or bending deformation; the operating rod of the distribution valve is obviously deformed and the action is not coordinated; the slide valve cannot Automatically return. (2) The lifting is weak; the oil pump is noisy; the fork has obvious free sliding or tilting when it stops at the limit position; the difference in the length of the piston rod of the two tilt cylinders? Above; forward tilt without throttle valve or throttle valve failure; safety valve failure or defective. (3) The vent of the fuel tank is not unblocked; the pipes and joints are damaged and leaked. V. Engine (1) The quality and capacity of the oil and cooling water do not meet the requirements; the oil dipstick is missing or does not meet the requirements; the pipes, joints, and oil (water) tanks are dripping; the tightness of the belts exceeds the standard. (2) The diesel engine cannot be started; the oil pressure is abnormal; the exhaust smoke is abnormal: black smoke, white smoke or blue smoke; insufficient power; diesel engine overheating; excessive oil consumption; serious pollution, blockage, or damage to the filter; generator, The starter is not fixed properly and runs abnormally; the water and oil temperature is abnormal. (3) The engine is traveling; the speed increases sharply; it stops by itself; the oil level rises; there is abnormal noise during idling, medium or high speed operation; the vibration is severe; (4) The charge controller is damaged or defective; the outer cover of the engine and water tank is seriously deformed or poorly fixed;
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