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Forklift trucks must keep in mind the inner strengths of practical exercises!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-08
Pedal operation essentials: light pedal should be lifted slowly, smoothly and smoothly. Step on the pedals with the soles of your feet and keep your heels on the ground. Stop using the clutch, and then step on the brake. Keep the order in mind and don't use too much force. Tips for parking a motor car: The seat should be comfortable, and the handle and pedal should be clearly marked. The motor car raises the fork and raises the mast, starts lighting and honks the horn. Slowly release the clutch and increase the oil lightly, and the forward direction should be slow. Step on the clutch first when parking, and step on the foot brake at the same time in neutral gear. Pay attention to each pause and straighten the direction before stopping. Lean forward tines to drop to the ground, remember to turn off the handbrake. Steering wheel operation: Slowly hit and fast back, continuous, hit as many times as you want, hit back consistently. Every time there is a pause, the wheels return to straight. The key to subdividing the horoscope: raise the fork and tilt the frame at the beginning, and press the horn light to hit. Leaning 30 degrees in front of the library, the right light turned to look at the far post. The rear of the car retreated into the gate of the pile, and the direction went back and didn't stop. Slowly adjust the left corner to stick to the left, and the full-toothed wheels are in the right direction. Lean on the left pile when exiting the library and turn to the left with fine-tuning direction. Going over the pole and hurriedly back to the right, leaned out of the pile gate to get up. Walk sideways out of the door of Deku, leaning on the line and walking forward. Reversing and turning around to look at San Er, turned his head to look at Zhu Qi clearly. The rear of the car retreated to the gate of the pile, and the direction went back and didn't stop. Slowly adjust the right side and paste the right side, and the full gear enters the car and returns to the center. Lean on the right pile when exiting the library and turn the light to the right. Going over the pole position and hurriedly back to normal, leaning out of the pile gate to see the inner circle. The front wheel is attached to the inner ring, and the direction is slowly adjusted first. After finishing the second round, wipe out the pile, return to the body and walk in the middle. Turning and reversing to look at the gourd, walked straight into the belly. Paste the outside line at the midpoint, slowly adjusting first. After the second park, the post is posted, and the callback is not relaxed after returning to the library. The warehousing forks are all in, and the parking direction is in a straight cycle. The forward tines lowered to the ground, and the handbrake was hummed in neutral.
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