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Four elements of high-altitude lifting platform maintenance

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-27
The correct protection of the high-altitude lifting platform is related to its operational safety and service life. Incorrect protection methods can simply damage its normal use. The four major elements of protecting the high-altitude lifting platform are as follows: 1. To use and operate the high-altitude lifting platform correctly, Operators should be trained in systematic operation: regularly check the operating standards, and if any violations are found, they should be punished immediately, and the serious ones should be removed from this post. Most customers have the phenomenon of overloading during use. The potential safety hazards caused by such use are very large, and it is very simple to cause damage such as the roof of the cylinder and the deformation of the bracket. Therefore: the protection of the lift must be equipped with full-time lift operators who have passed the induction training, and illegal operation and use are prohibited! 2. Regular replacement of hydraulic oil: The hydraulic oil used in the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform is divided into winter and summer. Many customers are not aware of this, and often inject hydraulic oil once and use it for a long time regardless of the formation. It is only noticed when the hydraulic cylinder is working abnormally. So how to replace the hydraulic oil is correct. In winter, the climate is relatively cold, and the hydraulic oil simply becomes thicker, so use a thinner one; in summer, the climate is relatively hot and the temperature is relatively high, and the hydraulic oil is simply thinner. , So use a thicker one. The replacement cycle of hydraulic oil should be determined according to the local weather conditions. The replacement time should use a filter to filter out the impurities in the hydraulic oil, and it can be stored for replacement in the coming year. Therefore: to protect the high-altitude lifting platform, the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly. 3. Lubricating oil should be added regularly: During the operation of the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform, due to the relatively large load, the conflict between various components is also relatively large, especially the chain and shaft pin. Make sure to increase the amount of lubrication before each use. Oil, to ensure that the operation time is sensitive and not stuck. If there is a 'squeaky squeaky' conflict sound during operation, it can basically be determined that it is due to the lack of lubricating oil. It is necessary to stop the operation immediately, find the reason, and cannot force the operation. It is very simple to form an unforeseen safety hazard. Therefore: the protection of the lifting platform must be regularly lubricated, and it cannot be compulsorily agreed! 4. The most important point to protect the high-altitude lifting platform is that no matter what abnormal phenomenon is promised, you must stop the operation immediately, check it, and quickly solve the abnormal situation before restarting and working again. If the abnormal situation has not been resolved, forced work is definitely not allowed, and the safety issues that this brings cannot be underestimated.
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