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Four possible failures of electric forklifts, semi-electric stackers!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-31
Because of its good economy, operability and convenience, the electric pallet truck electric pallet truck truck is engaged in the loading, unloading and transshipment of goods in some operating places that do not require high tonnage and height. Therefore, the use of electric handling stackers is becoming more and more common, but many customers do not pay attention to the maintenance of the electric handling stackers during use, so the electric handling stackers may often fail. 1. Electric handling stackers Battery maintenance. Check whether the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, check whether the connection is in good condition with the plug; check whether the charger of the electric handling stacker is intact, check whether the battery is seriously short of liquid; check whether the electrode plate has irreversible sulfation. 2. The circuit part of the electric handling stacker. Do not use electric pallet truck under voltage; do not use electric pallet truck while charging; rainproof 3. The forks of the electric handling stacker have fixed pallet type and movable fork type. There is a gasket at the joint between the root of the movable fork and the electric handling stacker. The height of the gasket is adjusted by screws to achieve the purpose of adjusting the height of the front section of the fork. 4. Oil leaking from the electric handling stacker. Most of the oil leakage is at the connection between the oil pipe and the cylinder or pumping station. The seal is not tight. Use a wrench to tighten the nut on the connection a few more turns, but remember not to use too much force, otherwise it will cause slippage. If it is confirmed that the nut has been tightened and the oil continues to leak, the nut needs to be disassembled, its gasket or explosion-proof valve replaced with the correct model or new, and re-tightened. Generally, this fault can be solved. When disassembling the nut, the fork must first be lowered to the lowest level, so that all the hydraulic oil in the oil circuit has returned to the oil cylinder of the pump station to avoid a large amount of leakage.
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