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How important it is for an electric forklift to have a good heat dissipation system!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-24
The function of the energy recovery system is to convert the thermal energy generated during the sliding into mechanical energy when the electric vehicle is sliding, and store it in a capacitor or charge the power battery, which can quickly release the energy during use. Because the battery generates a lot of heat during the operation of the vehicle, it is very important to have a good heat dissipation system, whether it is for the safety of electric vehicles or electric forklifts or the life of the battery. The body is divided into two parts: the front and the overturned part. The front of the car is where the driver is seated. Generally, two drivers and a co-pilot can be accommodated. The carriage is modified according to customer needs, including carriage configuration, materials, space design, etc. In order to maximize the comfort of the occupants, electric vehicles generally adopt single-seat side-by-side arrangements, and the number of seats varies according to their body model. Industrial equipment is specially set up for industrial pure electric vehicles to complete the work requirements, such as the lifting devices, masts, forks, etc. of electric forklifts. The lifting of the fork and the tilting of the mast are usually completed by a hydraulic system driven by an electric motor.
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