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How long is the service life of an electric stacker?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-25
I believe everyone is very concerned about the service life of electric stackers. Under normal circumstances, how long is the service life of electric stackers? If you want to know, let’s discuss it together: First of all, compared with foreign electric stackers, domestic electric stackers generally have a service life of five to six years or six to seven years. These foreign electric stackers The average annual working hours of China are still much lower than the average annual working hours of domestic electric stackers. After four to five years of normal operation, the working performance of the electric stacker will be significantly different from that of the new car. This is because the wear of various parts, especially the parts of the power system, causes the system to slow down. Heat, slow down the work speed, lengthen the working time, reduce work efficiency. Secondly, after three to four years of operation of the electric stacker, the friction of various parts will cause serious wear, which causes the noise of each part to increase during operation. As a result of the wear, the matching gap is enlarged. Therefore, this time our goal is to compulsorily update electric stackers with a service life of more than ten years. After gaining experience, we can also implement mandatory upgrades for electric stackers with a service life of more than eight years.
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