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How much is the truck, truck hydraulic truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-22

Trucks are also called pallet trucks, mainly divided into manual trucks: high-lift scissor trucks, electronic scale trucks, manual pallet trucks, etc. Semi-electric trucks: semi-electric trucks, semi-electric pallet trucks, etc. Vehicles: all-electric pallet trucks, all-electric pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, etc. Manual hydraulic pallet trucks: ground cattle, pallet trucks Manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks are tools used for plane point-to-point handling stations.

The small and flexible size makes the hand pallet truck suitable for almost any occasion. However, due to the manual operation, it is more difficult to carry heavy items of about 2 tons, so it is usually used for short-distance frequent operations of about 15 meters, especially in the loading and unloading area. In the various links of logistics in the future, manual pallet trucks will also assume the role of linking between various transportation links. Equipping each truck or truck with a manual pallet truck will make loading and unloading operations faster and more convenient. Subject to venue restrictions.

When the plane transportation distance is about 30 meters, the electric pallet truck is undoubtedly the best choice. The driving speed is controlled by the infinitely variable speed switch on the handle, which follows the operator's walking speed. safety. If the distance of the main transport route is more than 30 meters to about 70 meters, an electric pallet truck with a foldable pedal can be used, and the driver is standing and driving, and the maximum speed can be increased by nearly 60%. Further detailed differentiation: simple trucks, fast lifting trucks, manual trucks, heavy-duty trucks, economical manual trucks, galvanized trucks, ultra-low trucks, stainless steel trucks, weighing trucks, Paper tube trucks, mountain trucks, elevated trucks, etc.

The manual hydraulic pallet truck uses the principle of hydraulic transmission, using oil as the working medium, the movement is transmitted through the change of the sealed volume, and the power is transmitted through the pressure inside the oil.

[Power part] Convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy (hydraulic energy) of the oil. Example: hydraulic pumps.

[Executive part] Convert the oil pressure energy input by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy that drives the working mechanism. For example: hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors.

[Control part] is used to control and adjust the pressure, flow and flow direction of the oil. Examples: pressure control valves, flow control valves and directional control valves.

[Auxiliary part] Connect the first three parts together to form a system, which plays the roles of oil storage, filtration, measurement and sealing. For example: pipelines and joints, oil tanks, filters, accumulators, seals and control instruments, etc.

The pressure applied at any point on a certain volume of liquid can be transmitted equally in all directions. This means that when using multiple hydraulic cylinders, each hydraulic cylinder will pull or push at its own speed, and these speeds depend on the pressure required to move the load.

What to do if the manual hydraulic vehicle fails

Manual hydraulic vehicles are the most commonly used handling tools in factories, warehouses and workshops, because of their simple shape and powerful functions, they are well-known as“Earth cow”. But this simple device often has one or another defect, such as slow rise and slow fall. Or simply fail to rise.

When it can’t lift up, many people think it’s broken? In fact, it’s not the case. Most of the time, it’s just that there is air in the oil pump of the manual hydraulic vehicle, which causes the hydraulic pressure to not rise or rise slowly! At this time, you only need to simply drain it. Air is all it takes to keep a manual pallet truck intact.

The method of exhausting the air is very simple, let me introduce to you:

Manual pallet trucks generally have three gears

1. The middle is the positioning gear, and the car will neither rise nor fall in this gear.

2. To dial up is the neutral gear, that is, the down gear and the pressure relief gear.

3. To shift down is to engage the gear, and to close the oil seal to allow its hydraulic pressure to rise.

We only need to dial up the gear, and then press the handle a few times as usual. At this time, although the car body will not rise, it can effectively remove the air in the pump body. After about 10-20 presses, the air can be exhausted. Make the ascent faster and stronger!

Which unmanned van is better

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